September 26th, 2015

Time Crash

Still Guild Wars-ing

Actually, I've been a bit down on Guild Wars 2. They're gearing up for the big expansion in October, so they haven't introduced any new content or events for months now, and things just feel a bit repetitive. I go in game to do daily tasks, but that's about it - I log out not much later. We have met some new friends who like grouping with us to explore dungeons, and they're keeping my interest up. I'm hoping that my lack of interest in the game will translate to bit more writing. And I have a couple of craft projects I want to do. Maybe if I'm ambitious, I'll work on sewing a Halloween costume.

On the other hand, GW2 does lend to a bit of creativity. Many moons ago, I posted pics of my cosplays of the Tenth and Fifth Doctors. Well, I have a few more.

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