September 22nd, 2015

Five with key

The Pandorica Challenge

I found this while poking around in my list on ffnet - I had completely forgotten about it!

History: Nearly two years ago now, ffnet user AnitaHoward and I were discussing a couple of videos of different classic Doctors reading the Pandorica speech and a video of an impressionist doing the speech as the Tenth Doctor. Now, we were completely aware that the classic Doctors (Davison and McCoy) had simply been handed the speech by fans at the con and asked to read it and so that's what they did, but we were both very disappointed by the performances, because, well, it just sounded like the Eleventh Doctor with the Fifth and Seventh Doctors' voices. Similarly for the Tenth Doctor impressionist, while the voice was spot-on, the speech simply felt wrong - that speech, as written, isn't the Tenth Doctor's style at all. The point we made was that different Doctors would have handled the situation differently, even if the final outcome would end up being the same.

Thus, we challenged each other to select a Doctor and write the scene for that Doctor, and this was my attempt. We called this "The Pandorica Challenge" because we were supposed to challenge each other, every other week, to rewrite other scenes for different Doctors, as exercises in writing style and voice, but we never did, sadly. Maybe I might work on that occasionally - looking at my notes, I had a number of ideas written down.

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