August 5th, 2015


More stupid

Today has been a hell of a day at work. Yesterday was terrible, too. Just a lot of things starting to get beyond what I think I can handle, and I'm wondering if I'm even capable of doing what's expected of me. Some of it is being in a job that I never wanted and am not trained for, and some of it is things coming up that, though it's in my area of expertise, don't seem to have reasonable solutions. I feel very stressed and despondent.

Given that, it isn't a good idea to heap more stupid on my plate. Thus, when I received a stupid string of messages on ffnet, I wasn't exactly charitable in my responses. Here's the whole string, mostly for my own venting, but hopefully it will entertain you as well.

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Five with key

Answer for question 4478.

If it were possible, what character would you most want to meet from your favorite movie/book? Why would you pick them, and what would you do or talk about when you met them?
Of course, there's no other answer I could make to this question: the Doctor! Preferably in his second, third, fifth, seventh, eighth, or tenth incarnation.

Meeting the Doctor would mean that the incredible universe that he inhabits actually exists, and I'd mostly want to hear all about that universe from his lips. I cannot imagine he would take me on an actual trip anywhere, so I'm not going to even wish for that. But that's why I chose the incarnations that I did - they're the ones most likely to stop to join me for tea and bit of a natter. One, Six, Nine, and Twelve wouldn't bother. Four would do it, but everything he says would just go over my head. Eleven wouldn't sit still for it. And War doesn't have the time to stop.