June 26th, 2015

Five with key

"Repercussions" - chapter 1/3

Note: Because I retconned "Discovery" and its developments, this story has also had to be retconned from the AU. You're welcome to read it, but if you want to read the "real" version, it starts here.

As I thought about this story a few minutes ago, I realized what was making me uncomfortable about it. Its structure is very different from the previous long stories I posted in this series/AU. The Actor, A Choice of a Lifetime, and Neighbours are all similar in structure: the characters go through a number of events that seem to be building up in seriousness, then in the last 1-3 chapters, they realize what's going on and have to deal with it. Repercussions doesn't do that. It's more of a recounting of a set of events, happening over two days. The problem, of course, is that a series of events doesn't necessarily make a good story, but I think it fits together well. I'm still adjusting the other two chapters, but I hope to get them posted over the next two days.

I particularly enjoyed writing the first two chapters because they deal with a problem I saw in the show. A particular episode fell very flat for me (and continues to devolve into a chaotic mess of poor ideas as I think about it), and I tried to address that a bit in this story. It also gave me the chance to explore how regular people (or almost-regular people) experience one of the Doctor's adventures from the outside. You'll find out which episode very quickly.

One note: There is a story that I haven't written yet that occurs between Neighbours and this one, and Will makes a passing mention to the events in that story in chapter 2. It shouldn't detract from the narrative, though - Will says he knows something about David, and the missing story explains why. I'm not sure I'll get a chance to write the story, but the idea was given to me by a friend and it's really cool, and I hope I get to it.

Word count: 4130

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