June 23rd, 2015

Five in Ten's TARDIS

Decisions, decisions

Now I'm up to the story I'm the least confident about in my AU storyline. Mostly, I'm not sure if it's a good direction to take with David's character. In the last chapter of Neighbours, David demonstrates telekinetic ability by levitating his mobile to bring it to himself, and this is a level of psychic ability far stronger than any Time Lord: after all, the Doctor was able to levitate himself and the Master's laser screwdriver only with the backing of the amplified psychic support of all the humans on Earth. The next story explains this (and other circumstances around it), but I'm not sure that I should have done this.

I'll post the story later today. In the meantime, do you ever have this kind of second-guessing, where you do something in a story but then wonder if it's something that should be done? There are a lot of different reasons why I'm doubting this. First, it feels too much like I'm investing my love of superheroes and superpowers into a character in a universe that doesn't really have superheroes and superpowers. Does that overbalance him too much? I did work limits into it, but still, I don't want the character to stop feeling like Doctor Who. Second, will having powers break the storytelling? We see this over and over again where giving a character more power destroys the character's believability: if you make him too powerful or extend him too far, you have to make the obstacles in the story greater and greater to try to stop him. We've seen this in DW in the Weeping Angels, and Heroes is pretty much the poster child of destroying the universe with uncontrolled power creep.

Finally, I'm not sure that what I've done with the character is just too common, but I can't explain what I mean without having the story posted. I'm just afraid that you'll read the story and go, "Oh, that again? Where's the originality?" Sigh. I've been mulling over this for a week now. We'll see how it goes.
Five with key


Note: I've decided to retcon this story and remove the developments to David's character that I introduced here. You're still welcome to read it if you like. This does affect other stories that follow this one, and I've rewritten those as time has permitted.

Okay, here it is. This story is set some time after "A Scene from a Texas Diner" and before Neighbours, during David's studies with the Doctor.

If you are so inclined to comment, I would love to hear your opinion on what I've done with David's character: is it interesting, is it too much, is it outside of the general boundaries of the DW universe, is it stupid, is it too common, etc.? Don't be afraid to tell me that it's not good. Even though the next story after this one uses this, I don't mind branching the storyline and going in a different direction, if this isn't good and interesting. Thanks!

Word count: 6432

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