June 16th, 2015

Five with key

"Neighbours" - chapter 6/12

This probably should have just been the second part of the previous chapter, but ah well, what's done is done. Things pick up a bit more next chapter.

I'm a little dissatisfied with the ending of this one. Maybe someday I'll expand it so that instead of describing the relationship between the three, it'll actually be a scene between them.

Word count: 1895

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Ten with kitten

A question

So this question came up today - my husband asked me and my best friend, "Is Matt Smith handsome?" We both answered no, but the Doctor is charismatic and attractive.

What do you think? Objectively, without considering him playing the Doctor or any other role, or as himself (since from all I've seen, he's a very dynamic guy), is Matt Smith facially handsome?

We then talked a bit more about different actors, and my friend and I agreed on most points. Tennant's handsome, but not overwhelmingly so. (In fact, when telling my sister about him last week - she had no idea who he is - and showing her a picture, she said, "You think he's handsome??") Like Smith, he's far more handsome when backed by either personality or talent. Hiddleston is our favorite of the hyper-popular British actors (neither of us finds Cumberbatch handsome), and that took the conversation into the Avengers, where again, we both agreed that Chris Evans is best-looking of the bunch. I was actually surprised at how much she and I agreed; I thought she was more into the more rugged type of male face. I definitely prefer more boyish faces.