March 23rd, 2015

Ten with kitten

DW 10th Anniversary: Favorite Character

This would not be an interesting meme if I was completely truthful, because the answer would be the Doctor, especially in his Ninth and Tenth incarnations. (This is only the modern show, so I can't include the Fifth and Eighth...) But then, I'd have to go with Donna Noble, but that's also boring, since everyone knows I love Donna. Not that I can't wax poetic about her for hours, but let's go for more interesting. I'm going to go with who is my favorite non-Doctor, non-companion, non-major-recurring character (so, no Jack or River, and no Master in any incarnation).

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Ten with kitten

And the corruption begins...

Today at work, we're trying to fix a really bad bug in the spinner in our game. A spinner is exactly what it sounds like - basically a roulette wheel with prizes on it, and the player pays in-game currency to spin it. The problem is that one of the prizes is not being awarded correctly and we have no idea why.

We probably won't be able to fix the issue before the next release (since we have no idea why it's happening), so I, as the game's product manager, am trying to come up with an alternative plan. One is to remove the offending prize, but that will anger the players, that it's being removed without being replaced with something of equal value. I came up with another idea, but I will completely admit that it's not fair to the players and it's not good and it's evil. (We also won't do it, but it was still an idea.) My husband, who works with me, looked at the idea and said, "Woah. That's some shady shit." To which I replied, "Product manager victorious! The laws of spinners are MINE!"

Ah, the descent into darkness is slippery and lined with bowls of ice cream.