October 6th, 2014

Ten with kitten


So, while I write mostly because I like to write and I like to write the stories I'd like to read, and I'm not writing to get an audience, I do like it when people read my stories. I mean, who doesn't? I post here, ffnet, AO3, Teaspoon, and deviantArt, but I was wondering if there are other fanfic outlets that I should be using, to get more readers? I would appreciate any suggestions.

There's some site - can't remember the name - I saw that's for aspiring writers and they concentrate on original fiction, and it looked promising, except that while they accept fanfiction, they seem to look down upon fanfic authors as a lower form of life. I wonder if I should be there?

I've also looked at Tumblr, and I really don't understand that site. It seems to be mostly for posting images? I've looked at a couple of fanfics on the site, and the font is so small and the layout is a narrow column, making it difficult to read. Is that a site-wide thing or the account owner's preference? Is Tumblr worth it for fanfics? (Side note: Yes, I know that my journal's font is too small. I tried to fix it, but no matter what I do, the theme I chose won't allow me to increase the font size of the regular text. I need to find a new theme that I like.)

Thanks for any suggestions!

My thoughts about fanfic sites (from both a writer and a reader POV):


Pros: Huge audience, huge amount of fanfic, pretty good statistics-keeping
Cons: OMG the DROSS. How does anyone wade through this stuff to find anything good? Antique website design, poor tagging system, poor authoring system, poor, well, most things from the author's POV.


Pros: Focused Doctor Who community, tends toward higher-quality writers and reviewers
Cons: Low audience count. Software is very basic. Poor statistics.


Pros: Well-designed layout and authoring tools, tends toward higher-quality writers and reviewers
Cons: Low audience count


Pros: Great community
Cons: Journaling software not really tailored for authoring. Difficult to search.


Pros: Good communities. Nice layout for reading.
Cons: Terrible layout for searching, previewing, etc. as it's primarily a visual-arts site. Really easy for your stuff to get lost among the visual dross.