September 9th, 2014

Ten with kitten


I grabbed my lunch and sat back down at my desk to catch up on my different websites, and opened deviantArt. I clicked the messages menu, and opened the first new deviation, a photo of the deviant's customized Doctor Who figures in a pose. I'd seen her work before - a couple of days ago, she had posted a picture of her newly-customized David Tennant lounging on a couch. Then I read the description.

"David Tennant meets the raggedy 11th Doctor. This photo was inspired by the fanfiction The Actor by Schivver13, which is an absolutely well written and entertaining story. And, fellow Whovians, if you haven't read it yet, you really should read it now!"

Oh my god. I almost fainted. Luckily I was sitting down. It's been fifteen minutes and I'm still stunned. I can feel my heart jumping around in my chest. Someone actually did an artwork inspired by something I wrote. Judging by her other photos, which only has DT as the Doctor, she might have even customized the David Tennant clothing specifically for that pose. Oh. My. God. Best day ever.

(Yes, she spelled my username wrong, but I'm ok with that.)