September 4th, 2014

Ten with kitten

Back and forth

I've been gone a few days, due to traveling to NYC for my husband's cousin's wedding. It was a great trip, a first to NYC and the Atlantic Ocean for me: walked across the Brooklyn Bridge, visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, got lost in Central Park. We didn't have much time in the museum, but if we had, that probably would have been the highlight of the visit, but otherwise, I think my favorite part was just walking around the streets of lower Manhattan. Just like when I visited Victoria earlier this year (oh wait, I've never talked about that in this journal, have I? I need to rectify that - it's a great story), just experiencing the city for what it is, watching the people go about whatever they're doing, is just fascinating.

What with all the stuff we had to do with the relatives and the long travel times to go sightseeing, I didn't get much writing done, only working on that little thing I did for Literary Fan Fiction. I did start reading A Writer's Tale, which is brilliant and inspiring. More on that later, maybe. Starting the middle of next week, I'll be more or less absent from LJ until the end of September. Just thought I'd warn you.

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