August 25th, 2014

Ten with kitten

And Europe burns...

"Deep Breath" tonight in the theater!! EEEE! If we're able to leave work early (we might not, depending on what my husband has to get done), we'll be going in our Fifth and Fourth Doctor costumes. I need a lot of time to get dressed up because it's really hard to get the edges of my black hair (I'm Asian) colored so that it doesn't look bad with my blond wig. If we can't leave work early, then my husband will probably just wear his scarf and hat over his DW t-shirt, and I'll go in my Ten-inspired outfit (this nifty collared brown shirt over a light-blue tank top and white high-top trainers; sadly, I'm knitting up a brown and light-blue kerchief to go with it, but it's not done yet) and replica brown coat. If we're forced to go directly from work to the theater, at least we're both in DW t-shirts. See, all contingencies are planned for!

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