July 30th, 2014

Ten with kitten

And they're off! Wait, come back!

On dA, one of the groups I'm in (Literary Fanfiction) has a weekly flash fiction contest, which means a short fic, usually limit 400 words. This week's theme was Fanfiction tropes - choose a trope from the fanfiction trope list on tvtropes.org and write a fic with it. I chose "Doppleganger Crossover," because, well, David Tennant, and started writing. And it ended up four times too long. Ha!

So I started over again, with a different subject. (Same trope, though, because, still, David Tennant.) (Wow, that was a lot of commas.) This time I ended with 409 words, but I got it down to 400. Yay!

It's been at least a week or two since I finished anything, so it was really fun to write two stories in three days. They're silly, but hell, I had fun.