July 10th, 2014

Ten with kitten

Fanfic Writing Meme #14

Doctor Who: Legacy finally released a promo code for the Fifth Doctor in their newsletter, so I have finally gotten my awesome Doctor! (Both Ten and Five are my Doctors. They are also the handsomest and sexiest Doctors, with Five just edging out Ten. Yes, I am shallow.) I spent a couple of hours last night farming up the Time Fragments needed to rank him up, so he was rank 5 (max rank) within a minute of landing in my iPad. Then I stuffed him in my new team, which I call the Davison Acting Dynasty with Tin Dog. Apparently I need to get the two Jennys to rank 5 and level 50. I'm hoping that they will release John Smith as a character, so I can replace K-9 here.

Davison Dynasty

14. Ratings – how high are you comfortable with going? Have you ever written higher? If you're comfortable with NC-17, have you ever been shocked by finding that the story you're writing is G-rated instead?

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Five with key

Mistaken Identity, chapter 9

Title: Mistaken Identity, chapter 9
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Genre: Sci-fi, fantasy, adventure
Word Count: 3433

Summary: Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover: The Tenth Doctor and Donna fly through a crack in the walls of the universe and land in a world where humans can perform magic. Getting mixed up in the cold war between the Death Eaters, the Ministry of Magic, and the Order of the Phoenix, all sides want the Doctor dead!

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