May 30th, 2014

Ten with kitten

Posting old stuff

Still posting old works ("old" as in written since October - I never wrote anything before Doctor Who). Luckily whofic lists the works in the order I posted them so it's easy to go in chronological order.

Ever write stuff that you know is pretty terrible, but you keep doing it because heck, at least you're writing something and maybe you can edit it into something better later? That's what I'm doing right now. :P
Ten with kitten

Word of the day: "soporific"

My husband likes reading my fanfics, which makes me very happy. He's sort of my beta reader, in that he reads anything I write before I publish it (except for my John Smith stories, which he has no interest in) and lets me know what he doesn't like. In general, he likes what I write, and he visits whofic to read my stuff every so often. The fact that he rereads what I write tells me that he really likes it.

A couple of times now, when he's felt like taking a nap, he's asked me to read "The Dawn of the Doctor" to him as he falls asleep. I think that's his favorite story so far (except maybe Mistaken Identity, which I haven't posted here yet). Of course, he's trying to sleep, so he falls asleep part way through each time.

Last night, he was bored with nothing to do, so I asked him if he wanted me to read one of my stories to him. His response: "Oh GOD no! I don't want to go to bed yet!"

That was absolutely hilarious. (It was just like that scene in Broadchurch, when DI Hardy asked Becca Fisher to sleep with him.) Apparently my stories are good soporifics.