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Frankenstein's Meme, Day 2

Aw man, only two more days of holiday and it's back to work.

Day 2: Your newest fandom.

On one of the previous memes I did, I wrote an essay on what the word "fandom" means to me in this context. (Looking at the rest of this meme, I see I'll have to differentiate between "fandom" as the subject matter and "fandom" as the community of fans.) The issue I have with the term is that just because I like show doesn't mean I'm a fan. For example, we're watching The Good Place right now (we're in S4) and loving it, but does that mean I'm a fan of the show? I would say no. Yes, we talk about it when we're not watching it, but that's mostly because we're still in the middle of it. I don't foresee that it'll last once we're done.

My definition of fandom means that the property becomes a part of my life somehow - we talk about it a lot, I write fanfic about it, I collect merch, etc. There's some nebulous threshold level, as I wouldn't count myself as a fan of Torchwood except as a DW-related property that I enjoyed, even though I would write fanfic about it if I got an idea.

Given that, my newest fandom would have to be Good Oemns. I had read the book long before seeing the series, but it's really the series that captivated me. Yes, it's a bit old as a fandom, but there hasn't been anything since.
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