shivver13 (shivver13) wrote,

Woo hoo! Vaccinated!

Yup! I got it, despite not actually qualifying for it yet.

See, where we live, the vaccine is being distributed based on a phased plan. It started with the elderly and healthcare workers, then expanded from there. The most recent phase was "adults 45 and older with pre-existing conditions". My husband qualified for that and got his first Pfizer shot about three weeks ago, and gets the second next week. I, however, didn't qualify. Despite being older than him and having multiple pre-existing conditions, I don't have the right pre-existing conditions. So, I was relegated to wait until the next phase later this month, which is "everyone". I suppose I should be happy to lumped in with all the twenty-somethings at work.

However, it turns out that the COO at our company has a wife who's the manager at a local pharmacy, and they often have a few extra vaccines, so she's offering them to us, one or two at a time. My husband happened to be in the manager's meeting where they were discussing this and secured one for me. Thus, I got my one and only jab (I got the J&J vaccine) this afternoon.

It's funny that my husband is actually more excited for this than I am. All through this, he's been concerned more for my health than his own (which is why he does all the grocery shopping, to keep me away from people), and he was so happy I was finally getting the vaccine, he was dancing around the house all day.

This really isn't going to change our lives much. We'll still be trying to work remotely if they'll let us (which of course is exactly opposite of our COO's intent - he wants us all vaccinated so he can reopen the office and have us all work on-site), and it's not like we used to go out much before this all started anyway. However, it'll be nice to have the option to leave the house. No, neither of us feel perfectly safe going out even with the vaccine and we do not intend to actually go anywhere other than the grocery store until this is truly all over with, but it's nice to have the protection.
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