shivver13 (shivver13) wrote,

AO3 question

Since some of you understand how this stuff works better than I do...

I just got an email from AO3 saying that someone is requesting to include one of my stories in a collection. I had no idea people could do this. It sounds like the "community" feature on ffnet.

I looked at the collection (which is called "why sleep when you can read?"), and so far, it contains about twenty items, all of them anime fanfic except one Last Airbender/Stargate SG-1 crossover (strangely enough), one Bleach/Harry Potter crossover (also strange), and one Hobbit fanfic. Also the collection was created today. So, uh, what's the purpose of asking for one of my fics? I'm thoroughly confused.
Tags: real life

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