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You ever thought, "Gee, I'd like to write a journal post," and then when you sat down to write, nothing came to mind? And then you write more than anyone really wants to read? Yeah, it's one of those days.

I mean, really, when your big news is that the Steam Summer Sale is on and you bought some games, your life is pretty boring.

One of the big problems with the Steam Summer Sale is that my computer doesn't have the space for games. I tried to download one of the games I bought, which isn't all that big at 2.5 GB, and it wouldn't install because my hard drive has 2.1 GB. This is a direct result of my poor computer design. I built the computer in 2014 or so, and I wanted a solid-state drive, which at the time, maxed at around 256 GB, unless you really wanted to pay a lot. That filled up quickly, and I added a second one.

Stupid move.

The primary drive should be SSD if you want fast read/writes, because that's where the operating system is. The second drive can be a slower but much bigger drive. At the time, I could have (and should have) bought a 2 TB drive.

So, today, I've been looking into a network attached storage, or NAS, which is basically a hard drive you attach to your network, so that both my husband and I can store files there. I checked my pics and music on my computer, and just offloading that stuff will free up over 100 GB. I plan to get a RAID 1 setup, so that the storage is mirrored and thus protects against loss if one of the two drives fail. Many of the NAS systems you can get also can serve as Plex servers, so you can put your movies and music on them and stream them to your devices.

Coincidentally, today was the day that my husband's new iPad arrived. He has an iPad Mini with 32 GB of storage, and he's been, for the past year, juggling apps and files on it, as it filled up a log time ago. I offered to get him a new iPad for Christmas, but he didn't want to spend the money. Last month, when we were on one of our walks, he said that he's been trying to be a little less paranoid about savings and financial security, and he thought we should try to enjoy the money that we're earning. So, a couple of weeks later, while he was struggling with decide which game to delete so he could try a new one, I said, "You know, you should get a new iPad, because you should be enjoying the money you're earning." He replied, "I don't believe you just threw that back in my face." (That's funny, if you can't tell.)

So, I ordered him the iPad, and it arrived today. Well, sort of. You see, the UPS person delivered it to the wrong house. Luckily, the person who found it on her doorstep was kind enough to bring it over, despite the fact that it was obviously an iPad (correct-sized box in a packing enveloped labeled "Costco" with multiple warnings about not crushing it because it has a lithium-ion battery in it) and she could have kept it without anyone being the wiser.

Anyway, we did get it, and I disinfected the box before handing it to him. It's really nice and he's very happy with it. Now I'm looking into desktop stands for it, as I bought him a small stand for his Mini and he just loves it, so he wants one for the big one.

Tomorrow, I will have to go outside for the first real thing since lockdown started in March. We have been taking walks but that's not really "real" since we're not actually interacting with people. We've been ordering delivery food about once a week. We did go once to Red Robin and pick up a to-go order that we ate in the car. We also went once to our favorite restaurant, the Old Spaghetti Factory, which is an hour's drive away: we ordered to-go, drove up there, got the food, and set up a table and chairs in the parking lot and ate there. The restaurant is actually open for limited in-house dining, but we are not interested in exposing ourselves any more than we have to.

Anyway, tomorrow I have to go to the bank to take in some forms they need. We have questions about some of it, which is why I need to go in - the person I called to get the questions answered has not returned my calls. I am really hoping that the bank is taking all the precautions.

I have to hope, because honestly, the US is sucking at this. Our state reopened in a phased plan, and already, COVID cases are spiking. There was a spike of 20 in our town this week: all of the people (all in their 20s) who went to a house party. Oh, and this doesn't count the one outbreak of 240 cases in a town of 1000 a couple of weeks ago, due to going to a church service. Our governor is trying to not lock us back down again, hoping that we can all be adults and do this right, but it's not working, and she just made masks mandatory.

To these people, it's really a matter of belief. A friend of mine in Raleigh said that she had to have a tree removed from her yard, and she heard the workmen complaining about having to wear masks while they work. When one of them came over to talk to her about the work, he asked her, "Do you believe in this COVID thing?" (She answered, "Yes," instead of her first thought, which was, "Yes, you Trump-loving moron.") These people don't believe the disease exists, and therefore they won't take the precautions to stop it from spreading. And the rest of us pay for that.

So, yeah, I'm not looking forward to going out tomorrow.

Which reminds me - Fourth of July weekend coming up, which, to us, means stocking up on food and supplies to last at least two weeks, because I cannot imagine this year's going to be non-violent and/or non-drunk.

I just remembered that a couple of days ago, my husband remarked, "I wish we could move to a first-world country." That's what it's like here.
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