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Remember in my last post I said work was "interesting" but I'd save it for later. Well, it's later, and it's no longer "interesting".

The current situation on my project is that we are still working on two projects for the client company but that work ends at the end of May. Things have been very frustrating working with the team that's taking over our work and that was going to be the "interesting" stuff I was going to talk about, but I got new news today that has pretty much superseded any thoughts about that.

Since my company has no new major clients at this point, it has been working on coming up with small internal projects for people to work on, like phone apps that we can build and launch quickly, and the intention was that QA would be in on these projects early on, because when done right, QA helps with design and specifications to prevent problems later - after all, QA stands for "quality assurance". People think that QA are the ones who find and report bugs, but they're wrong: that's QC - "quality control". The plan was that when we became available at the end of May, we'd be working on these small projects and helping with our one ongoing large project (which I'll call project B), as well as working on the other project we're still doing for the client company (which I'll call project F).

Currently, project F has one QA engineer, Don, writing automated tests (which is why his title has "engineer" in it - he's actually programming). Project B has two analysts (meaning they design testing strategy), Katie and Andy, as well as three testers (they only test, under the direction of the analysts) from an outsource company. And then there's me, who's an analyst, and my husband, who the company won't decide on what his title actually is. He oversees all the projects as well as hires new employees, so he should be a manager and he's paid at that rate, but anytime he actually calls himself a manager, the other managers tell him that he's not a manager.

Today, my husband told me that he just found out what the plan is. The company needs to cut headcount, so they are going to cut the three outsource testers from project B. Project F needs an analyst with automation experience, so he's going to take Andy from B and put him on F. He's assigning me to project B to make up the shortfall. The small projects can't afford to keep QA, but I am expected to keep up with them so that I can work on them as well.

The bottom line: They're taking away from project the analyst and testers that have spent the last year on it and know it inside and out, and putting me, who knows nothing about it, on it to do all their jobs. (And yes, they expect me to also work on the small projects in my copious free time.)

Granted, they're moving a few of the developers off of project B as well, so it's sizing down a bit, but they're not cutting 60% of them like they are the QA. Also, Katie is the QA lead on the project, which means that she manages the testing - while she does do testing, that is not the point of her job. The bulk of the actual work is going to fall on me.

I am also rather upset that I'm not getting the chance to work on automation for project F. My husband and I worked with Andy at our previous job, where I was doing automation while Andy started in tech support and then, in the last few months of the job, got to do scripting for one type of automated testing. Between that company and this one, Andy spent six months at another company doing automation, and because of that, my husband feels he's more qualified than I am. I've never seen Andy's resume or samples of his work, so I can't really judge, but I'm not even being considered.

I am going to admit up front that I don't want to work on project B, even if the situation was perfect and I had all the support in the world, for reasons I won't discuss here, so I am biased against having to work on it. But I don't have a choice. I'm being forced into this situation and I have no say. I really want to quit but there's no way that I could land another job right now, and anyway, that would abandon my husband and make an already bad situation at work worse. Not to mention he'd probably be very upset with me, and I imagine this would impact our relationship. He's already upset with me because I protested when he told me all of this. "It's not going to be that bad." Don't tell me how bad it's going to be for me.

I actually went out looking on Craiglist and some other places for openings - nothing, of course, but I did look. The last time I did this, when I got angry enough at my job that I actually went out and looked, I found the perfect opening and landed it in three days. I was hoping for a repeat performance. Maybe tomorrow.
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