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Lots of milestones recently. I posted my 120th story on AO3, which means the next one starts page 7! Not many hits, since it's for Good Omens and that's a dying fandom (it really has been nearly a year since the show was released), but people seem to like it. I go by kudo percentage, not by total kudos or total hits: if I can get a 10% kudo rate on a story, I'm happy, and so far it's gotten 20%.

I also just finished my Camp Nanowrimo goal of 10k words for the month across all things I'm working on, so that's done and I'm never coming back. I completed the story I posted, did a good amount of work on the other story I've been picking at for a while, and put some words on paper for an original story that I've been thinking about.

I don't know how anybody else works, but I usually have some kind of narrative rattling around in my brain all the time that I think about while I'm not doing other brain-intensive things, like when I'm cooking or something. Even though I've only actually written fiction since I started doing DW fanfic in 2013, I've always had a narrative going on, as far back as I can remember. By "a narrative", I mean some kind of story with characters I've created, and I imagine scenes or situations, and over the course of however long it's in my head, I replay and refine the scenes and the plot. Nowadays, the narrative is often the story I'm working on; most of the individual scenes for Blue Rain started this way, and then it was just a matter of figuring out how to link them together.

My current one, which I have to admit has the main characters originally inspired by the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble but have completely changed into something else, is a lot more fully formed than my usual narrative, in that there actually is an arc with only a few handwaves for sections of plot I haven't thought about yet, but it's never going to be written, as I really don't have any interest in writing original fiction (and the plot and the world are actually kind of weak). However, I still do enjoy writing the more interesting scenes as an exercise, and so the last thousand words of Camp was spent doing that. These characters, and this world, has been occupying my idle moments for going on six months now, so it was nice to see them on paper for a bit.

Hm. Two milestones. That's not "a lot". I have actually started on learning some pointed pen calligraphy, which is something I've been poking at (ha ha bad pun) but haven't made a concerted effort toward. It's a lot different from broad-edge pen calligraphy, so I'm learning new skills. I haven't decided if I'm going to try learning a formal script like Copperplate, because it is freaky hard (here's an example), or if I'm going to concentrate on learning the general strokes and then do a modified Italic because it's easy. I mean, a few weeks ago, I was messing around with an oblique pen for the first time during a really boring video meeting and this is what I came up with. It doesn't look too bad, considering I was working with only a basic knowledge of how to use a pointed pen.

Anyway, that's life today. Take care and stay safe, everyone!
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