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It's been a whlie, hasn't it? My last real post was over a month ago.

I've been rather hesitant to post here because, well, life's been going well for me and it's embarrassing. Well, personally, I mean - what's happening worldwide is not "well" in any sense of the word. For me, though - I'm an introvert who prefers to stay in and never see anyone else, who has a job that works as well remotely as in the office, and whose local stores are stocked enough that there aren't shortages. The only real change in my life is that we don't have to go to the office to work, and that's just great for me. I am thoroughly lucky and I know it, while for most other people, everything's been bad. And so I haven't been posting, because I feel like it isn't fair to them.

On the other hand, it's my journal, isn't it? And I've got things I want to talk about. So here I am.

Most of the people I know are taking the shelter-at-home orders in various states seriously. My husband and I go out for a walk every day for exercise and the few people we see take great pains to keep distance from everyone else. It's no longer impolite to cross to the other side of the road when you see someone coming. The people who aren't taking it seriously are painfully obvious. Yesterday on our walk, we approached a house with cars parked in every available spot in front of it and eight children running around and playing in front, watched by four adults. We turned around and walked back without nearing it. My friend, mother of three children, said that on the second day of shelter-at-home, she was called by two mothers to arrange play dates and another one to invite her daughter for a sleepover, and had three different children knock at the door to come in an play. And, sadly, my brother has declared that while he's retired and doesn't leave the house normally, nothing is going to keep him from his Saturday get-together with his friends.

My sister, on the other hand, is a doctor and is very serious about it. Her daughter, who was employed as a waitress, no longer has a job, so she sent her up to her lake house (very remote) with instructions not to leave except for supplies. My sister normally goes up to the lake house on the weekends, but now stays in Chicago to minimize contact up there. Her work is actually slow right now - she is a radiologist, so she has very little work related to COVID-19, but all regular, non-emergency appointments have been canceled to keep people away from the hospital and she has little to do. Once this is over, she'll be swamped as all the backed-up routine work will flood in - except that she's retiring in June, so she might miss all of that, depending on how it all goes.

As I noted earlier, because I work in software, I can work remotely very easily. My company actually closed its physical doors in all locations (we have offices overseas as well) and required everyone to work from home. The only difficulty and stress here is the work itself. You might remember that my last post was about the client company breaking up our project and how bad that was. Well, it hasn't gotten better. Without going into detail (because I could write a book on it), the new team we have to work with is awful, and furthermore, one month after the previous project pivot, the client company has pivoted again, deciding that this project over here (that we're working on) isn't what they want, and now they want to do this new one here. Bottom line is that I'm sitting here, writing blog posts on company time.

More home time - and honestly, more work time where there's nothing to do - means that I've had a bit more time to devote to personal projects. We've made some inroads on cleaning the house. I've been practicing calligraphy and music. And I've been writing!

Part of that is that it's April, a Camp Nanowrimo month. Nanowrimo has changed their website, for the worse in my opinion. Camp was held on its own website, where you'd go to sign up for camp and get put into a cabin if you wanted. Then during camp, you'd go to the front page to update your progress and see how you're doing, and of course there'd be notifications for cabin activity. Now, they've folded the camp site into the main Nanowrimo website, and the UI is a nightmare. Six days in and I still haven't found cabins. (They do have a "create a writing group" feature, but that requires you to have friends, which I don't.) Oh, and they've lost my last two camp victories in my history. I'm not sure this is worth it for me. It's keeping me writing, to try to hit my 10k word goal for the month, but I can set my own goals and design a spreadsheet for that.

On the plus side, I'm ahead of my word count goal, and may actually finish a story soon!

I've also picked up a few video games, which isn't good for my productivity. The biggest time sink is Animal Crossing, but I've been enjoying it immensely, and a number of friends have been playing, including my sister and her kids, so that's been nice. (I hate saying "my sister and her kids". They're both adults, but it sounds like they're five.)

Oh, and we've been re-watching Stargate SG-1. We actually started that project a few months ago, but it fell by the wayside for a bit, and we started back up again. It was refreshing watching the early seasons, as those are the ones we feel were the best, and we plan to quit when the Ori arc starts up, as that was just awful. We are currently in Jonas Quinn's season, and I have to admit, I completely forget about him but coming back to it, just like the first time we watched it, I really love Jonas and am so sad that Daniel Jackson returned and booted him from the show. Not that I don't like Daniel, but Jonas was a breath of fresh air, smart and incisively clever but absolutely amazed at everything he was seeing, and without Daniel, the show stopped being so preachy. Ah well. Sometimes I dream about stepping through a dimensional rift into a world where the Ninth Doctor got second season and Ten started with Martha and got a second season with Donna. I think I'll add into that dream that Daniel returned to SG-1 and booted Sam instead of Jonas. ;)

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