shivver13 (shivver13) wrote,

Snowflake Challenge 2020, Day 4

Does anyone else feel like this month is already going by too fast?

Challenge #4

In your own space, set some goals for the coming year. They can be fannish or not, public or private. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

This was a question last time I did this challenge, back in 2018, so I went and looked at what I wrote then. I'm proud to say that I achieved most of them! Well, over the last two years, not just in 2018. But I'm still very proud. I played Doctor Who music, in a real concert, in a Thirteenth Doctor costume (which the conductor wouldn't let me do, but I did anyway). I even did the trombone thing - we went and played on the sidewalk outside the city library a few days before Christmas. I kinda hid in the back, but it still counts, and we didn't get arrested. The only things I didn't get done were write two David stories (only did one), travel somewhere new in the country (still want to visit Boston), and finish the bingo card (nevah gonna happen).

New goals? Lessee.

  • Hug my husband even more!
  • Post at least one multi-chapter fic. (Hopefully I'll finish the one that's been in development for years now.)
  • Write two more Blue Rain stories.
  • Write one more David story.
  • Travel again, either in country to somewhere new or out of country.
  • Learn two new scripts, at least one of which is pointed pen.
  • Learn the basics of a new instrument. Trumpet would be awesome.
  • Learn a bit of German.

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