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A token holiday celebration effort

My workplace bought a bunch of gingerbread house kits from Michael's and set them out for people to make gingerbread houses for an office contest, so I figured I'd give it a try. The house comes fully built in the box and you just have to decorate it. I'm not going to claim that it's either 1) actually gingerbread or 2) edible, but it's a pretty neat idea for those of us with little skill in baking or building.

The deadline for entry was today, and I didn't get all the supplies I wanted in until yesterday, so I ended up coming home after trombone practice and building it in the scant time I had before bed. Two and a half hours later, this is what I had:

I used the entire bottle of blue food coloring in the vanilla frosting and it still didn't get dark enough. I was able to darken it a bit more and give it the gray cast that official TARDIS blue has by adding a few drops of yellow and significant amount of red, but it never got quite dark enough and my experiments with a small bit of the frosting showed that more of either color would turn it to mud. However, when put together, the color isn't all that bad.

The windows kind of got a little lopsided, but putting on the tinsel and lights was fun! My husband thinks that the tiny Doctor really makes it. He also asked me where I got the police box sign and then, before I could answer, said, "You wrote that, didn't you??" I guess a year of calligraphy classes just paid off.

The light, by the way, is an LED light I bought on Amazon. I had to cut a notch in the roof for it to sit in, and that's how I discovered that they really stretched the definition of the word "bread" for whatever this thing is made of. It's a hard, crumbly material that reminds me more of porous ceramic than anything with a carbon/hydrogen base. It was pretty hard to cut with a bread knife, but on the plus side, it was easy to chisel. The lamp is black cardstock with a band of tracing paper, and it's really big because it has to cover the LED light base. I love the lens flare in the pic.

Unfortunately, though the official announcement for the contest said to get the houses in by Wednesday, the organizer told just one person that the deadline and voting is on Friday - and that one person is the company artist, who also happens to be a baker. He's happens to be the DM of our office D&D group, and he loves to build models of the buildings and vehicles our party encounters. So we're all doomed: the resident artist and modeler gets a whole two extra days to get his house in. He spent all of last night baking the gingerbread. But I am very happy with my TARDIS. :)
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