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With this ring...

I've always loved October because my artist friends post their Inktober drawings and it's always great to see their wonderful work. I knew the purpose of Inktober was to develop good habits by creating a simple, monochrome work and posting it to social media every day or otherwise regularly throughout the month, but I've always regarded it as a spectator. After all, I don't draw.

Yesterday, as I was doing my daily calligraphy practice (read: sitting in a boring meeting and writing the names of all the actors that have played the Doctor in monoline Foundational, as that's the hand I'm learning in the class I started this week), I realized, "Hey, I'm actually doing monochrome work right now!"

So here I am, actually participating in Inktober. I'm going to be using this for practice, so the items are not going to be extensive, ornate, or good, but they are going to be complete at the very least (I hope). I don't know how many I'll actually do, as I'm super busy this month - band on Wednesdays, calligraphy class on Mondays, watercolor class on Thursdays, and next weekend I have three days of workshops, not to mention that yes, I am still writing - but I hope to do at least one thing every three days or so.

My first one, done for the "Ring" prompt from October 1 (yes, I'm late).

Walnut ink on Strathmore Artist Tile. Of course all my work will be related to Doctor Who or Good Omens. That should come as no surprise.

This was actually pretty difficult, because writing in a circle is HARD. My first attempt just had the bottom circle as a guideline, but the letters were all over the place, so the second try had guidelines for the bottom, the minuscule body, the majuscules, and the ascenders, and I still had problems with sloping the letters appropriately.

I also have no idea how to take good pictures of this stuff.

And for my own reference, the prompts for Inktober 2019.

  1. ring
  2. mindless
  3. bait
  4. freeze
  5. build
  6. husky
  7. enchanted
  8. frail
  9. swing
  10. pattern
  11. snow
  12. dragon
  13. ash
  14. overgrown
  15. legend
  16. wild
  17. ornament
  18. misfit
  19. sling
  20. tread
  21. treasure
  22. ghost
  23. ancient
  24. dizzy
  25. tasty
  26. dark
  27. coat
  28. ride
  29. injured
  30. catch
  31. ripe

Tags: calligraphy, inktober

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