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Long weekend!

A gloriously long weekend!

We hadn't planned it that way. A few weeks ago, Guild Wars 2 said they were making huge announcements on Friday, big enough that they rented a theater in Seattle for fans to attend the announcement, so we figured it was a good enough reason to take Friday off. It was only last Wednesday that we realized this weekend was Labor Day and we were going to get a four-day weekend. (Turns out that the GW2 announcement was not particularly momentous. It's probably a good thing that we don't play that game much anymore, other than to log in and look at the pretty costumes.)

Oh, we had all the plans! We were going to clean up a room and clean out a bit of the garage and... Well, you can imagine, we did none of it.

I did rearrange my room a little. I have this small plastic drawer set that's patently inadequate - only three drawers and one of them is big and deep and I have nothing that would be stored well in there. What I would have preferred is one with small, shallow drawers where I could put art supplies. And then I remembered in the hamster room (which hasn't had hamsters in over a decade and which has mostly been used for music and storage, but we still call it the hamster room) there's a tall plastic drawer set with shallow drawers that still hold old hamster supplies. So I cleaned it out and moved it in. Much better!

That was the extent of the work I did this weekend. I did cook, though. I don't normally cook, because I find it to be a chore and not something that I want to waste two-plus hours of the weekend on. But with a four-day weekend, it was much more palatable, and I cooked dinner all four days. Yes, for me, that's an accomplishment.

I did do some scribing (which is a cooler way of saying I "did calligraphy"). I've been working on designing a Good Omens quote and got quite far in putting it together, then accidentally ripped the surface off the mixed media paper I had prepared, so I have to start all over again. I also ran out of black gouache, so I can't start again until I get more.

The one thing that I'd hoped to do this weekend was finish the first draft of this chaptered fic that I've been working on for a long time now, and of course, I didn't even write a single word. I don't know why that thing has stalled so badly. I have a full outline. I'm on the second-to-the-last chapter. I just find it so hard to write. I did, however, finish my fic for [community profile] who_contest, which felt really good.

The thing I'm most proud of, though, is my Good Omens fic, which was posted a couple of weeks ago and has nothing to do with this past weekend. That one was a real stretch but it was a blast to write, and there are a couple of sentences in there that still make me smile. I would love to write another one, but honestly, that style is difficult to write. And I have no idea what I'd write about. I suppose I'd continue doing historical meetups, but there's really only so far you can go with that.

But I'm actually writing, which is really nice. There's just so many other things to do that I just can't get to it, so when I actually do, and especially when I actually finish something, I feel especially happy.

That said, we picked up two new games this weekend. The first is Smash Bros. for the Switch. My husband finally found a game he wanted to play on the Switch so we got one a couple of months ago, and I finally hooked it up to the TV. Of course, being big Smash Bros. fans since the N64 (though not big enough fans to get a Wii U for it), we ignored his game and put in Smash. That's been a blast, though my hands are tired from using a controller for the first time in many months.

Then I got Path of Exile off Steam, for the reasonable price of free. (Yes, there are microtransactions. We'll see how that goes.) I've been itching to play a Diablo-class game that wasn't Diablo for a very long time, and so far it's been pretty fun. For a hack'n'slash, it's an amazingly complex game, with freely-interchangeable skills and a progression table that'll make your eyes bleed. They also took the Guild Wars (the original game, not the second one) notion of massive multiplayer by having all players on the server meet up in the towns and then creating a private instance for your party when you go into the dungeon.

One of the more interesting things they did was completely discard the notion of money. Instead of amassing gold and buying things from NPC with that, they stuck with the "you and everyone else are exiles on this island trying to scrape by" backstory - no one has coin. Instead, when you're out fighting, you find items that do things, like identify magic items or upgrade certain equipment, and that is the money. You want to buy that sword from the NPC? He wants three upgrade orbs for it. You want to sell your boots to the NPC? He'll give you half of an identify scroll for it. Thus, it feels more like a barter system, and your "money" is usable for other things, making them valuable in their own right. The downside, of course, is that you've got a bag full of currency items to carry around, instead of a simple total of gold somewhere in the interface.

All in all, it's been a wonderful weekend, and I am not happy to be back at work. :P Ah well. Short week, at least. And then next week, we're taking Friday off for our anniversary, so that'll be a short week as well, followed by a three-day weekend. Life's not so bad. :)
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