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That's one bucket list item down...

I finally got to perform DW music in concert!

And it was with the good band, too! I posted a couple years' back that, in hopes of getting Murray Gold to sign the score of "I Am the Doctor", I purchased the full versions of the concert band arrangements of that and "Doctor Who: Through Time and Space". Unfortunately, Mr. Gold was not doing autographs at Gallifrey One last year so I didn't get that accomplished, but the director of the "people who just like to play concert music" band that I play in wanted to try playing the second piece. We rehearsed it a number of times but the members of the band are not serious musicians and a lot of the pieces in the medley were beyond them, especially "The Cybermen" and "The Dark and Endless Dalek Night". (We cut out "I Am the Doctor" out of the medley because it is an extremely complex piece; the full arrangement is rated for senior high school bands.) Eventually, the director gave up and removed the piece, promising to try again in a few years.

The other band I play in is the local "band for people who don't have musician jobs but are good enough that they probably could". Why they let me in this band, I don't know. (Well, okay, I do. The credo of the band is that anyone who wants to play should join; if you can't play a particular passage, just drop out and let the other people who can do it. I take advantage of that a lot.) We have a winter and summer season, and the winter season, from January to March, is a series of rehearsals that culminates in a joint concert with the region's honor band, made up of the top students from the local high schools. (120 of them this year! Geez.)

This year's honor band decided to do all movie music, so, in keeping with the spirit, our band's director decided to do one piece of TV music, and he chose "Doctor Who: Through Time and Space". Now, THIS band can do this, and we did. Interestingly, the weakest parts of the performance were the slow bits and not "I Am the Doctor" - the soloists for "Martha's Theme" and "Rose's Theme" were hesitant and slightly off. We also have a great new percussion squad, so not only did we have good timpani, but also marimba on "I Am the Doctor". Loved it!

And I went in costume. I asked the director for permission and he said no, but then I asked the band president, and she said, "Hell yeah!" Since the DW piece was the last in the set, I wore the regular band outfit (white shirt, black pants), but I had the top part of Thirteen's outfit under it (shirt and yellow braces) along with the ear cuff, and I carried the coat on stage, folded up. When we finished the preceding piece, I pulled off the shirt and put on the coat, and then waved the sonic above my head before we started playing.

I wanted to get a video of the performance, but my husband got sick at the last minute and couldn't attend, and the friend of mine who had agreed to film it if my husband couldn't was out of town. The concert had originally been scheduled for the week that we got all the heavy snows and had been cancelled; sadly, the reschedule was right on the week he had already scheduled for his vacation. But no matter. I had a great time and finally got to play the middle eight on the theme. Eeee!
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