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These past four days, jeez

Back on Feb 24, I posted how a food truck next to the place I work for exploded early on Sunday morning. No one was hurt, and the taphouse we share the building with had some minor damage (glass breakage, and the blast managed to turn all the taps on, so there was beer everywhere). We didn't have any damage other than the internet connection going off for some reason (it was restored immediately).

Since then, we've gotten hit by the first snow of the season, and it's a doozy. Nearly a foot covering the ground on Monday, which closed down the town. We normally get one snow a year and it's usually a couple of inches if it sticks (usually it doesn't), so the city only owns two snowplows. Thus, the roads don't get plowed very quickly, and the residential roads don't get plowed at all. The temperature's been cold enough that the snow didn't melt, and then it snowed another 3-6 inches last night. At least that's how much it snowed at my house; the houses in the hills are much worse off.

Lots of power outages from trees falling, and brownouts in parts of the city. I read that I-5 was backed up a hundred miles due to the difficulty in driving through the snow. The area schools have been closed for the past three days and I expect they'll be closed tomorrow as well; the schools themselves will probably be fine, but the bus routes are still not all navigable.

I'm at home working because the office has low power (brownout) and no internet, and that's kind of a sticking point for a web development company. We've been very lucky here at home to not have any power outages or downed trees (though a couple of our trees have lost branches). Sadly, my band concert that was scheduled for tomorrow has been cancelled or postponed - hopefully we can find a date in March for it.

So, in a word, it's been eventful.
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