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Interesting thought

I'm not particularly conversant with DW series 2 as I rarely rewatch any of the episodes except "School Reunion" and "The Girl in the Fireplace". Most of the time, when we talk about it, we have to go reference the transcripts to make sure we're remembering things correctly.

My husband and I were discussing things and he said, "Well, really, Torchwood is Rose's fault, isn't it?" His point was that Queen Victoria's anti-Doctor sentiment was sparked by the Doctor's flippant and childish attitude towards her and the situation they were in, which in turn was entirely caused by his puppy-love relationship with the teenager Rose. More directly, in that episode, the disrespect they showed toward the queen was a result of Rose's "I am not amused" bet. If the Doctor had taken the situation seriously (and not just the situation, but his life and travels as well) and treated the queen with proper respect - basically appeared to be an angel instead of a chaotic devil - the queen would likely not have taken such offense and created Torchwood with instructions to defend against him.

To which I replied, "Poor Jack. Everything about him is Rose's fault."
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