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Facebook has this feature called "On This Day" (which they've more recently renamed to "Memories" - I like "On This Day" better), which is a page you can visit to see your FB activity on this calendar date in years past. I love it because most of my FB posts are hilarious things my husband said, so I get to relive them.

Today, I had two interesting On This Days:

Jan. 15, 2012: My husband posted: "Today I call upon everyone to send (me) a little extra worship. Cause I'm sick, and she's gonna need all the power she's got to get through this."

This is significant because, well, he's sick again today. Nice timing.

Jan. 15, 2010: I posted: "I don't wanna go!"

Apparently, eight years ago today was the last day of the job that I had been at for the previous eight years, and though I was leaving for a good reason (wasn't let go as I have so many other times; just got a new job with a different company), it was a sad farewell. You probably recognize this as the Tenth Doctor's last line, uttered two weeks earlier on New Year's Day, 2010, and are probably giggling that I quoted him... except I didn't. I didn't watch DW until three years later in the late summer, and didn't see "The End of Time" until November, 2013. But I love this coincidence. :D
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