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This has been a difficult, stressful week at work. I'll talk about it some other time, when I'm not under the gun and sneaking off to post to LJ.

In general, I'm not an aesthete and I'm not expressive. I don't draw, and I don't surround myself with visual beauty. I write, but not on an emotional level, and I rarely read. Yes, I play a musical instrument, but not well and certainly not with any emotion, and I rarely listen to music.

But you know, because of work stuff, I won't get to go to band rehearsal tonight or Friday, and it actually kind of hurts. I've always loved band, which is why I got back into it recently after having last played in college over twenty years ago, but I don't think I've ever really realized until today how happy it makes me to go and play music, just once or twice a week. Neither band I'm in right now are particularly good, but we love playing.

And another thing. I might be in a rotten mood, but hearing the DW theme - mostly the series 2 version, but really any version, especially those from the classic show - always brightens me up. It's simply a gorgeous piece of music.

P.S. My icon... I don't know of any other sources of DT playing music, except "Music of the Spheres" and Campbell Bain playing guitar, so I grabbed a pic of Roderick conducting. I just wanted to point out that "Music of the Spheres" and Roderick Peterson are stellar examples of an actor with no musical background having no idea what a conductor really does and playing one anyway. :)



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May. 17th, 2018 07:42 pm (UTC)
What is a real conductor actually doing, anyway?
May. 18th, 2018 02:15 pm (UTC)
Well, at the most basic level, he beats out the time - how fast the music should go, so that all the musicians play together at the same speed. It might look like he's just waving his hands back and forth, but he's really marking out the beats of the music precisely. If you watch a conductor through a piece of music, you'll notice that one arm does the same basic cycle of motion all the way through - that's the beat.

The conductor also interprets the music, meaning, he decides when it should speed up or slow down, or get louder or softer, or how the trumpets should sound in this particular part, etc., all to make the emotional statement he wants. All of that is worked out in rehearsal, so during a performance, much of his motions are reminding the musicians at key places. For example, you might see him point to a section and make a "come here" motion - that means that section should be playing louder. He will also "cue" certain parts, meaning point to a musician or a section when they have something important to do. They know they're supposed to do it from their music in front of them, but his motion reminds them of the emphasis (and looks awesome to the audience!).
May. 18th, 2018 11:46 pm (UTC)
It does look awesome to the audience, and it is often kind of hilarious to see an actor pretending to be a conductor!

Sorry to hear about your difficult week at work.... my new job, I had it put in that there was a particular evening after work established as off-limits for myself. It's the one thing I do for me, and I wouldn't compromise. Surprisingly, they still hired me, and they haven't violated that yet. Just about everything else was crazy, but that one thing....
May. 19th, 2018 02:30 am (UTC)
Oh, that's nice, that you were able to set that boundary. For some reason, a lot of companies think that they get to command not only your work time but also your personal time, and that's just wrong. If a company requires you to work constant overtime, then they're doing something wrong. They like to couch it in terms of "We're enthusiastic about what we're doing and you should be, too," but no, it just proves that they're horrible at managing their resources.

I'm very lucky in that my company and my direct boss both believe that work should be limited, and, in fact, most of the time, if I'm working past five and they see me, my boss or the company owner will order me to go home. These past couple of weeks have been a special case, which I plan to post about soon. But that happens sometimes, that things get busy and emergencies crop up. As long as it's rare, then it's fine by me.

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