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A bit of happy amongst the sad

I probably don't need to say that it's been a tough day. It doesn't help that my husband's sick and pathetic, so not only didn't I have anyone to hug me all day, I have to take care of him and it's depressing how much I don't want to, how inwardly upset I am about doing so. I'm really tired.

However, sometimes, there are things that just make you smile, even on bad days, and here's mine. Some of you may know that I play the MMO Guild Wars 2 and that I have various characters that are cosplays of DW characters. My main character is Doctor Noble, my Tenth Doctor cosplay, who's an engineer with the Holosmith specialization, which allows him to periodically turn into a hologram, blast all the monsters with fire, and then explode. Hm. That probably doesn't sound like a good thing, does it? Well, believe me, it is.

This past week, they released a new outfit, and it is awesome. I immediately bought it and tried it on Ten, and... Well, it sounds terrible, but all I've been doing is running around looking at myself, and grinning like an idiot. Basically, it's a technological body suit with forcefield plating, as well as a headpiece with scanner and microphone. Not only does it look amazing, but it's feeding into my Blue Rain fantasies, since I've been working on that AU recently; I can't stop thinking that this is what Jon would look like if he ever decided to go spandex. Okay, no, it's not really, because my AU doesn't have force fields and amazing tech, and Jon would be too embarrassed to go out in this, so maybe it's more like what I'd picture DT would look like if he ever did any more sci-fi or superhero stuff (which looks like it'll never happen because he's signed up for yet another romance-y thing... Sigh... But I digress...).

And then I turned on the Holosmith power, and woah. When I'm standing around playing with the character in this outfit, people actually come up and tell me how incredible he looks. It's that cool.

Sadly, it's not as great in still shots, but I've included a pic anyway. Yes, yes, the abdomen is bare. People have been criticizing the outfit for this, saying that it leaves the softest part of the body unprotected, but dudes, it's covered by a force field! That's the point of a force field! I admit I didn't like the bare abdomen at first, but now I like it. And interestingly, the male version shows a lot more skin than the female version does.

This is what's making me smile and getting me through this day, and probably the rest of the weekend.

The front and back of the outfit, and then in Holosmith mode. Click to enlarge. This thing is gorgeous in motion.

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