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Because canon is so important to me...

When I first posted "After the Crash", my story about the Fifth Doctor going to talk to Romana after meeting himself in "Time Crash", someone commented that this couldn't have happened, because Romana didn't return from E-Space until much later, possibly as late as the Eighth Doctor, and therefore Five would not have tried to contact her. Of course this bugged me, because I try to stay true to canon unless I'm writing in a specified AU.

"Bugged me" probably isn't strong enough. I posted the story in 2015 and it still rankles me.

I don't remember which audio it was, but one of them had the Sixth Doctor and Romana, with Romana already Madam President, and that made me feel a bit better, bringing Romana's return from E-Space as early as the Sixth Doctor.

I just finished listening to the Fifth Doctor's Key 2 Time trilogy, which is a sequel to the Fourth Doctor Key to Time series. Without spoiling it, the story makes it very clear that Romana has already returned from E-Space. Thus, my story fits into canon! Finally! It only took three years, but now I can rest easy.

By the way, I enjoyed the Key 2 Time. The first two were fun enough, though nothing to write home about. The third was very good, not only tying together the entire trilogy but also referring back to the original Key to Time without requiring intimate knowledge of what happened there. The two introduced recurring characters, Amy and Zara, have fascinating journeys of their own in the series, and they continue on in their own Big Finish series, Graceless, which I'm keen to pick up. Though oddly, in the new series, Amy is now Abby. No idea why.
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