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I mentioned in one of the Snowflake Challenge posts that I want to perform Doctor Who music, and that there was a story behind that. Here it is.

I play in a couple of local bands, which sounds really cool except that I mean concert bands, not cool bands with guitars, drum sets, and saxophones. There's the local community concert band, which is filled with great non-professional musicians and is about as good as a non-audition band can get: I just grab the lowest part they'll give me and hide behind everyone else. Then there's the New Horizons Band, which is the local instance of an international organization which gives adults the opportunity to learn a band instrument or pick up an instrument they haven't played since high school. This is much more my level of competence. We have a few very good musicians in the group, but the rest of us are middling at best. Still, we're making music and having fun. And then there's the marching band during the summer, which is just a bunch of crazies who like to walk down the street wearing funny hats and playing music.

The NHB and the marching band are both very casual and relaxed, and they encourage us to get involved and explore music. I played clarinet in high school, so I joined playing that, but switched to French horn for the concert band, and sax and drums for marching band. And now I'm learning trombone. (My credo: Instead of getting good at one instrument, I'd rather be bad at all of them.)

Fast forward to a couple of months ago: Gallifrey One announced that Murray Gold will be appearing at the con, his first ever appearance at any con ever. There's going to be a concert and everything! They haven't said if he's doing any autograph sessions, but there's an autograph I want. So, I checked online and I found concert band arrangements of "I Am the Doctor" and a medley of Series 1-5 pieces, and ordered them, so that I can get his autograph on one of the scores.

This past week, I told this to my band director and showed him the score for the medley (the arrangement of "I Am the Doctor" is too difficult for the NHB). He took it home and listened to it, and decided that we're going to play it this season! I am actually going to get to perform Doctor Who music!! :)

Our director sends out an email at the beginning of the week listing the pieces we're going to be working on at rehearsal, and today, it read:

  • Ash Lawn Echoes
  • Doctor Who
  • Funeral March of a Marionette Meets A Dark and Stormy Night
  • Unfinished Symphony
  • The Mouse and the Clock

That was probably the most awesome thing I've seen in a long time.
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