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Snowflake Challenge - Day 11

Stay on target...

Day 11

Share a book/song/movie/tv show/fanwork/etc that changed your life.

Of course, Doctor Who is the thing that changed my life. I was hooked from the first five minutes of "Rose", completely addicted to watching the adventures of this lonely wanderer who simply tried to leave every place a little better than he found it. Before that time, I spent my time playing computer games and not much else. After that, I threw myself into the fandom - the classic show and the audios, and I started writing fan fiction. And I started traveling, just to see new places like the Doctor does. Even though I haven't really enjoyed the current show for the past four years, I live in the rest of the expanded universe, every day.

There have been a couple of other instances like this. I mentioned The Greatest American Hero earlier on in this challenge. I was very obsessed with this show when I was in middle and high school, and in a way, it was for the same reason. Ralph was a reluctant hero, trying to do what he loved, which was teach, and using the suit to do good things when he got the chance.

The other instance is a fantasy novel that I loved when I was young, The Silver Sun, by Nancy Springer. It was about two young men, both running from oppression, who meet by accident and become friends and travel together. One of them turns out to be the prince of the land, who ran from his father, the evil king, and though he just wanted to live a normal life, realizes that he owes it to his people to take the throne and turn the nation around. Now that I really think about it, I can see the trend in the characters I like.

It was a story of friendship, brotherhood, and destiny, and I loved it. I tried to draw the main characters, Hal and Alan, even though I don't know how to draw. I corresponded with the author a couple of times. And eventually, years later, I designed a D&D campaign around the story that lasted multiple years and that my players still remember as one of the best campaigns they'd ever played, because the story was so robust. I own multiple copies of the book, because it's that important to me. I think I know what I'll be doing tonight...
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