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General rambling

I filled another square in the gen prompt bingo card that I got over a year ago, but it's not like I'm actually working toward completing it. To be completely honest, the first couple of fills were prompted by the card, but the rest have been, "I just wrote a story and oh, look, it happens to fill a square." I'm really bad at this. :)

The story I just posted, "One Soldier's Story", was inspired by a dream I had probably two years ago. The dream was very different from the final form of the story. It was about the companion, who found herself in a situation similar to Peri's in the finished story, and I remember distinctly waking up, thinking about it, and deciding immediately that Peri was the right choice for the companion, and thus Six was the Doctor. Then I told my husband the basic outline of the story without referring to the specific Doctor and companion, and he said, "You know, that companion should be Peri."

As I constructed the story, I decided that the guest character was more interesting than the canon characters and wrote Acassa's story in third-person - biased narrator. Then I realized that it would work better if she told her own story, so I changed it to first-person present-tense - Acassa telling the story to the reader as it happens. Then, when I got to the end, I added on the last paragraph and the concept that she's telling the story to the prison physician, and I had to go back and do it all again, this time in first-person past-tense. This... this is why writing takes so long and is a pain in the arse.

I just hope I caught all the grammar problems. Every time I read it through, I catch another one. Sigh.


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