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Fic Year in Review, 2017

Stolen from the totally awesome paynesgrey:

The Year in Fic:

(Links are to AO3 because I posted a few extra fics there that I never posted here.)

"The Little Things": Blue Rain AU - Jon trying to figure out what it means to be a hero. (1,729 words)

"One Choice Too Many": Ten and Martha running down another corridor. (1,322 words)

"To Reason Why": General Cobb's story; unfinished, but the first chapter stands on its own as a short story. (3,948 words)

"The Piper's Tale": Calling the Doctor - Eleven calling Two to Gallifrey. (1,646 words)

"Strange Bedfellows": Narvin and Leela call an uneasy truce. (1,878 words)

"Extinguished": Donna faces off with an alien. Written for the who_contest challenge "Eyes". (550 words)

"Captive": Rory's been captured again! (100 words)

"Games People Play": The Actor AU #2: David introduces Jenny to games. (3,393 words)

"Smothered": "The Poison Sky", from the ground. Written for the who_contest challenge "Smoke". (576 words)

"Not Always Greener": Pete's World Jack meets the Metacrisis Doctor. Written for the public_call fic exchange. (8,035 words)

"One Day in a Million": The Actor AU #2: Fluff stories. (9,209 words)

"The Fight Goes On": Sarah Jane and Rani each fight their own battles against discrimination. Written for the who_contest challenge "Feminine". (3,345 words)

"Sam's New Year": Sam, a poor worker on his last dime during the Great Depression, meets the Doctor. (10,018 words)

Total: 21 stories (counting the chapters of "One Day in a Million" as separate stories, because they are)

Total Word Count For The Year: 45,749 words

And discussion...

Overall Thoughts:

This amazes me. I've been laboring for the past year under the impression that I haven't been writing at all and that the inspiration that I'd gotten from Doctor Who had dried up due to the last three series, but this shows me that I'm still creating. Sure, I'm not as prolific as I was a year or two ago, and I haven't written a multi-chapter since Blue Rain, but I'm still writing!

A couple of salient points:

  • The last few months have been driven by who_contest, which is fine by me. Thanks, paynesgrey!
  • I have also been writing private fics for a good friend of mine, toffy346. I don't know how much I've written, but I estimate at least a good 25k words of complete stories that I'll never post publicly.
  • Interestingly, though most of my thought time (that's when I'm thinking about fics and plots but not actually writing, which is pretty much any time I'm at work or in a car or playing a video game - meaning, all the time) is taken up by either OC David or Blue Rain, I've only written/posted one real story for each this year. Apparently, I need to buckle down and finish some stories for them.

What's your own favourite story of the year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you happiest: I actually like quite a number of the things I wrote this year, but if I had to choose one, I'd choose one of the stories in "One Day in a Million", probably either Will giving David a haircut ("Buzz") or drunk David ("Deja Vecu"), simply because they are so terribly silly.

Now your most popular: I don't have popular fics. My hit counts rarely top 100, and my kudos 10. This is what happens when you write in an unpopular niche and you don't have pairings in your tags.

The other top 4? See previous question.

Story of mine most under-appreciated by the universe, in my opinion: Probably "To Reason Why". No one's going to read it, because who cares about General Cobb, but I think that first chapter is really good. I need to finish that thing. (Second chapter is done but not posted. Third and final chapter is halfway done.) I might choose "Sam's New Year", but I only posted it yesterday so it's hard to tell. But I didn't list the characters (because listing them would give away the plot) and the summary doesn't mention the Doctor at all, so no one's reading it.

Easiest story to write: "One Choice Too Many". The idea was the hard part. Once I got it, the rest just followed.

Most fun story to write: "Buzz", the haircut story in "One Day in a Million". My favorite part was having Will threaten to shave David's name in Gallifreyan on his scalp.

Hardest story to write: "Not Always Greener", by far, and it shows. I had an idea of what I wanted to accomplish, but I just don't understand how to write a compelling story about two people talking about their past. Sure, I can write a conversation, but a story? It came out as a rambling mess of babble, and it was the worst piece of gosa I could have possibly produced for a fic exchange. But I learned my lesson: never commit to writing another relationship story again.

Fic writing goals for 2018?

  • Not that I'm committing to this, but I'd like to do another multi-chapter. I have a couple vaguely plotted out that I should return to.
  • More Blue Rain. I have a lot of ideas for a second novel (warning: it will not focus on Jon's and Donna's relationship), but I haven't developed the actual plot yet. If I did, I'd start writing right away. Otherwise, short stories.
  • More OC David. That's just a given.
  • More Gallifrey.
  • Some JNT Doctors. I love them so much, and yet I write them so infrequently.
  • Eight, too!
  • Get to know One through Three better so I can write them as well.

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