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Fanfic Writing Meme #3

It would be a lazy Sunday today, but there's a marching band concert tonight. They like us to wear funny hats and things along with our "uniform" t-shirt, so I wear the hat and braces from my Fifth Doctor costume and the bow tie from my Eleventh Doctor costume. Looks appropriately silly.

3. For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

The Doctors by far are the most fun and satisfying to write, if I get them right. Each Doctor has a very distinctive voice, character, and movement style, and it's very important to me to write them correctly. My success with it varies: I find the Tenth Doctor, the Fifth Doctor, and, oddly enough, the Sixth Doctor the easiest, while the Fourth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor, and the Ninth Doctor are the hardest. Nine especially. His thought processes, the words he chooses, and his speech patterns are beyond my grasp, really.

Beyond the Doctors, Donna is very fun to write, too, but I have the same problem with her as I do with the Eleventh Doctor: I have a lot of problems making her as dynamic and outlandish as she should be. Part of the problem is that I'm not familiar with London colloquialisms, so it's difficult to put the right words in her mouth, and I end up using the same words that I've heard in the show. For example, Donna loves to insult people with words at the end of the sentence, like "dumbo," "you prawn," "Martian boy," etc. I've seen other writers with a fantastic grasp of her character and her environment invent new phrases, but I have a very difficult time doing so.

The other character that I've really enjoyed writing is Leela. Because she's very single-minded, she's fairly easy to write, but she injects a lot of humor into situations, as well as some fun punchy-kicky.

In the Harry Potter crossover, while I had fun writing Voldemort and Tonks, the characters that really wanted more time with were Nott and Avery. I had originally intended to give them a bigger part of the story, but I soon realized that they were not contributing much and I cut them out except for their one solitary chapter (which is why it seems completely out of place and unnecessary). I wanted to explore the lesser Death Eaters, to give them more purpose and more life (since the Death Eaters in general were rather one-sided, flat characters in the books).

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