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Breaking silence

I haven't been posting lately. Lots of reasons for this, angsty and otherwise.

Life has actually been pretty good lately, all things considered. I have not been writing (been only working on competition stories), but I'm hoping to finally have time starting tomorrow. I should qualify that: I have not been writing anything that I will post. I've been writing a lot of ficlets to entertain myself, but that's about it.

I have otherwise been working on other stuff. I tried to sculpt an Ellie Miller Funko Pop, but first, my sculpting skills suck and second, the orange paint I have is not opaque and I wasn't willing to layer it six times. I need to find a better base body (the head is gorgeous) and I need to cover it in white primer before painting.

Band has been busy. In summer, one band ends while two others start up, and for three weeks I have three rehearsals a week. This year, one of those weeks had a company picnic and a parade thrown in for good measure, so that was way too busy.

I bought an alto sax. It was pretty cheap at a pawn shop, and when I took it in to the repair shop to get it refurbished, they said it was a good sax and didn't need much work. I told my marching band director that I bought it, and he said, "Great, you can be our alto sax section", because we don't have any altos this summer. Understand that I don't actually play sax - actually touched one for the first time ever when I bought it. But he said alto is easy. So, at this point, I play French horn and drums for the concert band and clarinet for the marching band, am learning trombone for shits and giggles, and will switch to sax when I get the thing back from the shop. Have I ever mentioned how much I love band instruments? Though, someday I will learn violin, at least a little.

Work has been... indescribable in a few words. The client company has decided to just cut the offshore team and has given us two months to come up to speed on everything they do. We're an eight-person team; they're a twelve-person team. Starting in August, we have to do everything we do plus everything they did. It does not sound feasible, but on the other hand a lot of what they did is inefficient and stupid. (Example: They have an automated test suite which covers 53 test cases and takes 1.5 hours to run. I read the code. It actually is 49 "test cases" of setting up data and 4 test cases of actual tests, which consist of "go to this page and see that it loads." [Actually, it consists of "go to this page and see that the title is correct"; it doesn't actually test that the whole page loads.] One of my tasks is to throw this test suite out, set up the data ahead of time, and write the test cases so a manual tester can do the whole thing in 10 minutes.) So, I'm angry and upset about the situation we've been placed in but eager and excited to do some good work and turn this ship around.

We did have a release on Wednesday, where we were doing the other team's job for the first time. My boss thought it would be six hours worth of work. I expected it to be about eleven, but I didn't say anything. I turned out to be right. There were a couple of delays due to problems, but without them, I was spot on. My boss just doesn't know the other team's processes as well as I do. However, our team did an amazing job, and morale was high. Even an eighteen-hour day isn't so bad when you're working with awesome people. And, along with the extra work I did this week to prepare for this, it comes out to lots of overtime pay AND Friday off.

Which is good because I'm on holiday for the next week and I need this day to prepare. Which I'm procrastinating by writing this post.

I've been checking LJ a lot, but not responding to anything, so there are conversation threads that I've let lapse. I need to get back to those.

We have not watched the last two episodes of DW, due to complete apathy about the current show and the excitement of enjoying The Sarah Jane Adventures. I hated the trilogy in the middle. Actually, let me be clearer. The first two were interesting, though I had a number of problems with them. The third one angered me, and I also have really come to dislike Bill. Not hate, like I hate Clara, but I dislike her. Thus, I've had a difficult time wanting to watch more.

I haven't decided if I liked Gatiss' episode. It felt very classic, down to the slow pacing, awkward, grandstanding dialogue, the inscrutable aliens, the humans with ulterior motives screwing everything up, and a plot in which the advantage switched back and forth. Omg, for once we had humans with actual personalities, histories, and personal goals, rather than a mass of indistinguishable humans for Twelve to lord over! On the other hand, it demonstrated that classic writing doesn't really translate well to the modern format. Maybe I give the classic show too much leeway, going into it expecting a certain level of implausibility and accepting that as part of the story, and don't allow that in the modern show.

But anyway, this is the reason we're not watching DW: it's just not fun, exhilarating, or uplifting anymore, and we have better things to do. That and the fact that we don't want to watch the two-parter because I'll be gone for the second part and we won't get to watch it for a couple of weeks.

SJA has been absolutely fantastic. We finally finished all five seasons and enjoyed it, even with all the teen issues. It did have too much Slitheen (okay, I don't actually hate Slitheen, but the last Slitheen episode was terrible, so it left a bad taste), but it did have lots of great episodes and cool, interesting aliens. And some Doctor-y goodness, of two flavors. And some intense, heart-strangling episodes. I'm looking at you, "The Curse of Clyde Langer".

I want to do lost_spook's Fic Commentary meme, but I realized that no one really wants to hear me talk about that kind of stuff. There. That's my angsty bit, identified and called out, and now no one has to respond with all the "oh, of course we want to hear about your stories" or anything like that.

But that's me, caught up. I really should go now. I have a lot of stuff to get done today and not a whole lot of time to do it in. Hope you are all doing well!
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