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Broadchurch blu-ray!

I finally received the Broadchurch Series 1-3 box set in the mail today! It was supposed to have arrived early last week and I was starting to worry that it had gotten lost in the mail; very few things arrive this late, even from across the pond. It's a bit amusing to me that I own the Series 1 DVD (purchased as soon as I saw the series but before series 2 had aired), the Series 1-2 box set (purchased right after series 2 aired), and now the full series box set. I think this is a sign that I have a problem.

It's also very interesting that I already have series 3 on blu-ray, a full month before the show is even going to start being shown here in the States.

As soon as I got it, I popped in the series 3 blu-ray, because I'd heard that Hardy's complete date scene was to be included on it and, well, that's a must-see. Well, the extras really aren't very impressive, and no, there isn't anything titled "DI Hardy's Amazing Date" among them, but there are deleted scenes, and there are a few that really fill out the story.

Here they are, behind the cut, because spoilers...

DI Hardy's Amazing Date: The deleted scene did not expand upon the dinner part of the date, but it did fill in what happened between the dinner and Hardy encountering Ellie on her walk home. This is what happened.

The scene begins with Hardy and the woman (whose name I don't remember) walking down a dark street. She thanks him for offering to walk her home, because she feels much safer with him, given the current climate in the town (the unsolved sexual assault case) and that he's a police officer. She then says that she hopes that she hasn't pried too much, because she is certainly curious but she knows he can't talk about it, and he confirms that she's been just fine.

She then says that everyone is on pins and needles waiting for the police to catch the perpetrator, and that having someone like that on the loose makes everyone nervous. She says that it was a bit frightening to go on this blind date, but she felt safe knowing he was a detective. He responds by saying, "You don't know that. You can't trust what you saw in the dating app. I could be lying." She's taken aback by that, and says something like, "But you couldn't have done it." He says, "No, I didn't do it, but you don't know that. I could be lying. You can't tell."

They get to her door and there's a couple of awkward exchanges of "I had a lovely time", then she gestures towards the door and says, "I should -" He cuts her off, saying, "Don't invite me in." "Okay, I won't." A bit more awkwardness, and she says, "I'd like to do this again sometime." They bid each other goodnight and she goes inside and closes the door. He immediately spins and shakes his head with a look of "Dammit, I fucked up again!" (If you want a visual reference, picture the Doctor in "The Runaway Bride", just after he says, "And you've never been so quiet! Oonh!" and he realizes that Donna's been kidnapped - just with a lot less gangly Ten limbs swinging about.)

Ian's a Pathetic Loser: After Hardy and Miller confront Ian's girlfriend about sending threatening text messages to Trish from Ian's phone, they leave. Ian yells at her for having done this, and she tells him that they're done, that he should move out by the end of the week. He asks why, and she basically tells him that she doesn't love him, that their fling was a mistake and that she can't stand the sight of him, and that the sex was terrible. He says that she said it was good, and she says, "Was I drunk when I said that?" "I guess." He then yells at her that he left his wife for her, and she says, "No, she threw you out. That's just what women do to you, I guess."

In a very short later scene, Trish, Ian, and their daughter are sitting out in the garden having a meal, and Ian and the daughter are talking and laughing together, and Trish is watching both of them and smiling. I believe it was intended to show that Trish still loves Ian, or at least is rediscovering her love for him through their daughter.

Lucas Didn't Know: I'm not quite sure exactly where this scene fit in, but it's in episode 8, I think, just after Hardy and Ellie confront Lucas in his garage. When they leave, Lucas closes the garage door, then turns on his son and yells, "A woman got raped at Axehampton, just before I picked you up on that road. What do you know about it? Was it Leo?" So Lucas did not know when he picked them up on the night of the assault that they had been involved.

A Bit More About Minor Characters: There was a scene between Ellie and Maggie, where Maggie tells Ellie about the woes with the Echo, and then continues to interview Ellie about her, as a piece about the people working on solving this case. She asks Ellie what made her become a police officer ("To help people.") and then later a detective ("Still to help people."). She asks if she likes the puzzle solving and the searching for clues, and Ellie says that all of that still comes down to people: it's all about understanding people's motivations, and even clues are the traces of how people behave. She says that you have to be good at reading people, at which point her father comes in and says, "Did you ask her about how well she read Joe?" Ellie blows up at this point, yells at her father and drags Maggie out to finish the interview elsewhere. The scene gave a little more depth to Maggie and Ellie's father - both characters that didn't seem to have a purpose in series 3.



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Jun. 1st, 2017 05:38 pm (UTC)
I'm ashamed to say that my series 3 DVD is still sitting in it's amazon packaging; so I haven't seen any of the delete scenes etc yet.

The clearly-nothing-like-Tess blonde, Zoe, that Hardy went out with didn't interest me at all. All she seemed to do was underline the fact she wasn't Ellie, therefore there would be NO Hardy/Miller romance.

Like you, I felt that Maggie and David Barrett (aka the convenient 24 hour babysitter) were completely wasted this series. We found out nothing about Maggie's plight, nor did the implied promised reveal about Sharon Bishop in series 2 materialise.
Jun. 1st, 2017 08:50 pm (UTC)
The date was definitely a one-shot. In my mind, it was meant to show that no, things aren't going to magically work out for these characters, that Hardy was still crusty and awkward and would have to work hard and try (and fail) a lot if he wants to find a woman.

Personally, I'm very pleased there was no Hardy/Miller romance. To me, they are perfect as close, prickly friends, and for once, a show created such a relationship between a man and woman without sexual tension or romance. Of course, I know I'm in the minority on that, but then, I also thought (and still think) that Hardy should have died on the operating table in series 2...

There were a lot of wasted characters - Paul Coates is another, and I would have liked to have seen more of Chloe beyond just her interactions with Mark. I feel like Chibnall really wanted to develop the lives of the major characters from the first series but ran out of space in only eight episodes. Maybe they should have expanded this last series to ten episodes.
Jun. 3rd, 2017 01:48 pm (UTC)
Those all sound like great scenes and I wish they had left them in. Is there an explanation why they were cut? Just for time reasons?

I think the meal with Ian might be at the very end, after he asked at the church whether they could have dinner together. It came a bit out of nowhere for me, not knowing that his other girlfriend had thrown him out. That is an important thing to know.

I have been thinking that the whole finding out who it was in the end depended on the DNA on the sock. But as far as I understand, it was a bag full of socks and could have been anybody's. So if they hadn't gotten Lucas in and he broke down eventually, they might have never solved the case?

LOL what will you be doing with all those boxsets? Why not just purchase the single season 2 if you already owned number 1? And why even the threepack if you already have the Blu-Ray? That seems indeed like overkill to me. You could buy other things with that money? Just curious, not judging!
Jun. 12th, 2017 05:23 pm (UTC)
I thought the date scene (it's on youtube now) would be more... spectacular. But it was so sad, actually. He was clearly interested and made an effort, she seemed interested, too, but it was such an awkward date. I don't know how much of it was Hardy himself (where does his confidence go when he's not working?) and how much Hardy affected by the investigation, but seeing him saying things he didn't want to say through an entire evening was just... painful.

The scene with Ellie, her father and Maggie sounds interesting. It would seem thst Ellie moved on over Joe, the town moved on but some of her closest family didn't.

Thanks for describing the scenes in detail, guess where the dvd never came out :) But we got season 3 on tv before the America, so I feel spoiled anyway.
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