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I know I said I wouldn't do it...

...but I've bought a ticket for another general con. Yes, I expect it's going to be a madhouse and nowhere near as wonderful as Gallifrey One (which I still haven't written about here, sigh), but come on, it's DT...

Of course, the big news is that Catherine Tate is making the con rounds for the first time in... ever? I honestly never expected she'd do a con, but she's doing one in Dallas and one in DC, and the DC one will also have DT, John Barrowman, and Billie Piper. I really wanted to go to DC, but as a non-white in this political climate, I don't dare go there or to the South. I don't even venture outside of my town in this very liberal state because of the racial and religious incidents going on here. But that's beside the point and I'm just soapboxing. So CT's out, but then I discovered that DT is doing the Montreal Comiccon. I mentioned it to my husband and he told me that I had to go.

It was a difficult decision because I'm really not supposed to be taking time off this year or spending so much money. It's not that we're strapped for cash or anything, but last year really was bad - Gallifrey One, Vegas to meet up with a friend, and then my husband's brother passing away. I had been planning to visit England again this year, but there was just no way to justify taking off that much time and spending so much, so we decided no more trips for this year. However, my husband really loves it when I get to go do things that I love to do, and they are see DT and explore new cities. I think that if the con had been somewhere I'd been before, then I wouldn't have been so interested. He told me, "You haven't seen Tennant for two years, and you'll get to go to -" *gulp* *grimace* "- Canada, so you should do it." So, I've bought my ticket to the con and am now researching Montreal.

The con is the weekend after July 4th, so I'll be flying out on the Saturday before the holiday, then spending the week exploring Montreal (with the added benefit of only having to take off four days that week), then hitting the con and returning on Monday. I will be meeting up with an online friend, which I've found is really the best part of these trips. I met new friends in Victoria and Raleigh, and met online friends in person at both Gallifrey Ones. I am really looking forward to this. :)

Oh, and I'm learning some French. Bon soir!



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Mar. 27th, 2017 12:48 am (UTC)
Last time I was in Montreal was over 30 years ago. Hubby and I went to Canada after we got married. Spent some time at Niagara Falls (Canadian side), Toronto, Quebec City, and Montreal. It was fun, but the Quebecois French is a little different from the French one learns in school. Still, one can understand and be understood, and they do speak English.

Last time I heard French was in Israel ten years ago; a lot of French Jews were leaving France because of the anti-Jewish climate there, so they went home to Israel. They love it there!

Anyway, enjoy seeing DT again. Bon soir!

Mar. 27th, 2017 05:36 pm (UTC)
So jealous! When I saw that David was doing a Canadian con I was very tempted to go but I really can't justify doing two large cons in a year.

Montreal is a great place, too. Lots of history, great places to eat, and so much city to explore. Try the bagels at St-Viateur. Much less busy than Schwartz's, the world famous Montreal smoked meat place.

Summer in Montreal is really warm so I would recommend packing some shorts and sunscreen. You don't need a lot of French to get by, either. I say this as a Canadian who only learned French in school and wasn't very good at it and I didn't get lost once on my trip in September! Street names and some basic phrases should be good. Montreal has more English speakers than, say, Quebec City.

You're going to have so much fun. :-)
Mar. 29th, 2017 08:29 pm (UTC)
Cahtherine Tates is doing comic cons? Wow, she got into it deeper than I thought. She never seemed that interested in the fandom and DW history.

Have fun on the convention and in Canada!
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