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Grouchy and thin, thin and grouchy

I suppose I should put this behind a cut, since it's somewhat spoilerific.

Broadchurch series 3 episode 3 was a lot better than the first two. We got to see a bit more of Trish and her difficulties, and the men in her life are starting to make more of a showing. Two of them actually got to talk to each other! Like in series 1, everyone has secrets and everyone has been hiding things, and it's starting to feel more like a real town with people actually interacting with each other. It's still a bit stunted, but it's developing and that's really all I wanted.

I will say that the way the show is dealing with the fallout from the sexual assault is a bit heavy-handed. It feels like we're seeing every single negative reaction a person could have to the news (e.g. "Trish isn't the kind of woman that gets raped", "Are you sure she's telling the truth?") just so that Hardy and Miller can look disapproving and let us know exactly how our showrunner feels about the topic. I am sure that detectives who work on sexual assault cases hear all of these opinions every time, but including them all in a single story only serves to throw it in the viewer's face. I also felt like they're trying hard to paint Hardy as the ideal male, having him be "ashamed of being a man" and feel worse about the crime than even Miller does. It was magnified by his question to Miller about "don't all men do that for their daughters". It was a good move to have him state why he's so obsessed with this case - that he's terrified it's going to happen again if he doesn't catch the rapist - but the "ashamed" comment seemed out of character. Hardy's not one to talk about his feelings or, especially, his self-doubts. (I almost feel like they're building Hardy up so that at the end, they can smack us with the reveal that he was the rapist...)

I am looking forward to seeing how Trish's husband turns out. I think it was his story that interested me the most. Is he genuine in his concern for her? What is he hiding? He's more interesting to me than Trish herself. The cab driver, not so much. He's too much of a red herring at this point, and he seems to be another example of "men are scum". But, in general, this episode has been much better and made me more excited for the rest of the series.


Life's been kind of a mess. At work, we've had a few emergency issues, causing me to work all weekend. Well, I worked all Saturday. I was more or less on-call on Sunday, but had to work for about half an hour every two to three hours, meaning that in between, I was pretty much just waiting to be told to work again. I'm rather tired right now.

I'm also a bit swamped with writing. I haven't done much recently, but I just got a few good ideas (including a new installment for Calling the Doctor) and I can't work on them because I have too much to do. I have to work on my entry for the Minor Characters Ficathon, and I'm afraid I'm just going to have to go with only half of my idea. Luckily, it's a two-part story that can easily be cut down the middle. I also have to write my final assignment for my last writing class. And I have a couple of other things I'm supposed to be working on. I just need to survive the month, I suppose! And then there's Camp Nanowrimo in April. I suppose that will be a WIP dash like last year.

Oh, and I'm learning to play trombone. That has been a blast.

Anyway, that's me for the week. The title of this entry is not really applicable. The grouchy part is, but not so much the thin part.
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