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Mistaken Identity, chapter 6

Title: Mistaken Identity, chapter 6
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Genre: Sci-fi, fantasy, adventure
Word Count: 936

Summary: Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover: The Tenth Doctor and Donna fly through a crack in the walls of the universe and land in a world where humans can perform magic. Getting mixed up in the cold war between the Death Eaters, the Ministry of Magic, and the Order of the Phoenix, all sides want the Doctor dead!

The great thing about candlelight is that it doesn't shock your eyeballs out of your head when you regain consciousness. Donna mused on this fact as she tried to clear the haziness from her vision and the cobwebs from her mind. She was lying on her back on… it felt like a sofa, not a bed. She shifted a bit and groaned softly as pinched the bridge of her nose.

A deep voice she didn't recognize murmured, "She's coming around." Another male voice grunted in response.

Alarmed by the thought of two unknown men, she pushed herself into a sitting position, then immediately slumped sideways against the back of the sofa. Peering out from under heavy eyelids, she saw the two men she had seen… when? Just after the Doctor disappeared.

Her eyes snapped open. "What's this place? Where's the Doctor? What have you done with him?" she demanded. Her voice dripped with anger and command but no fear, even though she still clung to sofa back for support.

The stocky man, the one who had spoken to her before, was lounging on a cushy chair, while the older grizzled man was sitting beyond him at a dining table. The former replied,"You're in a safe house. There's no danger here."

"There'll be danger all right, if you don't let me go!" She was regaining her strength. "What have you done with the Doctor?"

"Listen to me. I can assure you, you were in very grave danger, but you are safe now." Sitting up, he perched on the edge of his chair and leaned forward, elbows on his knees. "The man you were with is a wanted criminal. There's a manhunt for him, and we've separated you from him only just in time."

"What? Look, dumbo, I'd know if the Doctor was a criminal, traveling with him all this time." She swung her legs off the couch and got to her feet, then swayed a bit. "You're nutters." Despite her slight dizziness, she strode to the nearest door. It didn't budge when she yanked on the knob.

"You can't get out."

The other man spoke up. "Memory charm. Or imperiused." His voice was gravelly. "Or just charmed. Crouch is both clever and charismatic. A Muggle would fall for his lies."

"Oi, what did you call me?" Stomping back into the center of the room, she rounded on the scarred man, though she drew back when she saw his artificial eye moving independently of his real one.

"Full of spirit, this one."

The younger man stood and, gently touching Donna's upper arm, motioned to the sofa. "Please, have a seat. You need to recover a bit more, and we will explain." She shot him an angry look, but sat down again. He sat down opposite her. "I'm Dawlish. He's Moody."

"That's right, he is." Dawlish smirked. Donna returned a little grin. "I'm Donna."

"So, you won't believe this, but we are wizards. We can use magic."

Donna rolled her eyes. "Tell me something I don't know."

Dawlish was taken aback. "You know about magic?"

"Of course, dumbo. You lot don't exactly keep it secret, waving your wands about and flinging fire everywhere. And anyway, I've seen weirder. Ever waved at fat?"

Dawlish bit his lip. "Then you know about your friend? That he's a wizard, and about his past."

"The Doctor isn't a wizard. He's a spaceman." She leaned back on the couch, crossing her arms.

"So, he's calling himself 'the Doctor.' Never given you his real name, then?"

"That is his real name." It occurred to Donna that it probably wasn't his real name, but it didn't matter to her. The Doctor was her best mate, and if that's what he wanted to call himself, that was good enough for her. And she wasn't going to let these people think she doubted him at all.

"Odd name," growled Moody.

"Keep it to yourself, wand boy," Donna shot back.

Dawlish cleared his throat, possibly to mask a snort of laughter. "His name, his real name, is Bartemius Crouch, Jr."

"Now, that's an odd name."

"He is a powerful Dark Wizard, an evil, insane man, dangerous to wizards and Muggles alike. We got you away from him, and we need to keep you safe until he is caught."

Moody rose from his chair slowly and stumped over to stand next to Dawlish. "He evaded execution three months ago, and we will make sure it is done right this time." Hatred showed plainly on his face.

"So, I take it you're police or something."

They nodded. "We're called aurors," Dawlish explained.

"You're wrong. I don't know who this Bart guy is, but the Doctor isn't him. He's a nutter for sure, but he's a good man and my best mate. We been traveling for months now, only just got here."

Moody glanced at Dawlish and gave him a "see, she's blind to him" shrug. Dawlish pursed his lips, then exhaled. "Well, I can see this won't work. I'm sorry, but we'll have to keep you here until Crouch has been found and executed. You're in too much danger."

"What? You let me go right now!" Donna jumped up and towered over the seated Dawlish.

"The house is sealed," Moody interjected. "You can't get out without magic. We could put you back under, or you could just relax and enjoy your stay. There's a nice room for you upstairs, and the place is packed with books and things."

Donna fell back onto the couch, defeated. "Where's the telly?" she grumped.

"The what?"


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