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"Blue Rain", chapter 15

Title: Blue Rain, chapter 15
Fandom(s): Doctor Who (modern)
Characters: AU - Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble, Sylvia Noble, Wilfred Mott, Lance Bennett, Nerys
Pairing(s): Tenth Doctor/Donna Noble
Rating: R (well, probably more PG-13)
Genre: Sci-fi, adventure

Summary: Original AU. A normal human in a world in which a handful of individuals have suddenly developed superpowers, Donna lives her mundane life whilst always keeping one eye to the skies to catch a glimpse of the city's new heroes.

Word count (chapter): 5369

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If he’d hoped to make a graceful, acrobatic dash for the platform, the Doctor was sorely disappointed the moment he’d grabbed the branch he’d aimed for. Not thick enough to withstand the sudden torque of over six feet of plummeting man, the bough bent far more than he had expected and he barely managed to catch a nearby branch to slow his descent, thankful that his mask blocked the leaves and twigs from whipping his face. On the upswing, he let go and somersaulted into the next tree - and that was rather impressive, judging from the gasps from the crowd below, though his gangly limbs stuck out everywhere like a hamster in freefall. Landing on a thick, sturdy branch, he leapt for the platform, landing not two metres away from his target.

“Doctor!” came the unmistakable scream from the audience, but he already knew what Donna was warning him about: with his superhuman hearing, he’d sensed the figure emerging from backstage, behind his left shoulder- a female with one hand outstretched, palm toward him. He had no time to do anything else: he tumbled off to his right, a bolt of red energy flashing silently through the space he’d just been in.

“Oh, ho!” thundered Saxon’s amused voice over the speaker. “I’ve got a detractor! I must be making quite a name for myself.”

The Doctor had only a moment to assess the machine’s position and Crimson Angel’s intentions before tensing for another dodge. He could tell from the position of her hand that she was aiming to herd him away from the machine, so he ducked and rolled toward it. The searing heat along his back told him just how close he’d come to being hit.

“I think this man is trying to divest me of my audio equipment, so that I can’t speak with you all.” Saxon’s tone was sickeningly conversational. “However, my supporters want me to speak out, to lead our fair city. I think the primes among them want to stop this man’s petty vandalism.”

“Oh, he’s mine!” roared another voice, and a familiar figure clad in silver-grey and red rose from behind the backdrop, the statuesque epitome of power and strength. “Leave him to me, Angel.” Clearly unsure of the wisdom of this, the woman in the deep red catsuit stepped back, her hands twitching at her sides.

“Falcon,” the Doctor groaned in his throat. “Could this possibly get worse?” Hopping to his feet, he crouched, ready to spring at the moment Silver Falcon made his move. “Falcon!” he called up to his opponent. “Come on. You don’t want to do this. Let’s work this out.”

“Nothing to work out,” came the reply. “I told you I’d make you pay.”

“That wasn’t my fault!” the Doctor insisted, leaping away easily as Silver Falcon dove at him. Scurrying up one of the cable suspension poles, he licked his lip as he gazed down at his adversary and realised how this was going to go.

“Ah, you two have a history, it seems.” Saxon’s smile was as oily as his voice. “Who is this little prime, Silver Falcon?”

“She said.” Falcon jerked his chin toward the crowd where Donna was standing. “She called him the Doctor.” He bulled his way toward the Doctor and made a grab which caught thin air as the Doctor swung around the pole and hopped to the ground.

Saxon ignored the tussle, his eyes on the woman with the long coppery hair. “And who is this vision of beauty? It seems that she’s part of your history, too.”

The Doctor’s heart fell as Donna stepped forward and called out, “Donna. Donna Noble.” Her face shone with her eagerness to be recognised by the mayoral candidate. She didn’t manage to break his spell, he moaned to himself as he easily dodged another flying attack from Silver Falcon.

“Charmed,” gushed Saxon as he bowed to her.

“Falcon!” The Doctor called over him. If he could get the man to just leave him alone for ten seconds, he could accomplish his goal. “Come on, let’s stop this. This is futile. I can’t beat you, but you can’t catch me.” He could see Falcon’s acknowledgement of the truth in his barely suppressed fury. He might be strong and nigh invulnerable, but Silver Falcon, unlike his namesake, was sluggish, at least compared to most primes, and, being used to powering his way through most situations with the might of his punches, he’d never learned not to telegraph his moves. The Doctor knew what Falcon was going to do almost before the hero did himself.

“I can do this all day,” growled the man in silver, lunging for the Doctor, who yet again leapt out of the way.

“So can I, so it’ll just come down to whose powers weaken first, and I think we both know who that will be.” At that jibe, Lance roared and lunged again, the Doctor easily dodging the attack. “Hey, did you notice how absolutely gorgeous Donna is looking today? That blouse really sets off her figure.” Stumbling for a moment, Falcon refocused himself and and charged at the Doctor, who rolled out of the way of the attack and sprang to his feet. “And I’m sure you’ve been enjoying working with Crimson Angel,” he called as he leapt away. “Now there’s a woman! All that red spandex clinging tightly to all the right places -”

Whilst he was in mid-jump, red energy filaments streamed from Crimson Angel’s fingers, twining around the Doctor, forcing his arms and legs down straight, and he crashed to the ground, grunting at the impact. Struggling to his feet, he glanced at Angel, who glared back at him as she concentrated on her strings. Realising that it was taking all of her power to keep his arms and legs restricted, he strained against his bonds to try to break out, but in a moment, Silver Falcon tackled him, knocking the wind out of him and pinning him to the ground.

In less than a minute, Falcon had hauled the Doctor as he kicked and squirmed to the bottom of the platform, pulled down the Saxon campaign tarpaulin, and held him against the scaffolding so that Crimson Angel could lash him to the metal support with her energy ropes, his arms bound behind his back. Falcon then punched the Doctor in the stomach for good measure and paced off a few metres, growling at Angel that he hadn’t needed the help. As the Doctor reeled and coughed, Saxon stood on the platform directly above his captive to address the crowd again. Silver Falcon surveyed the crowd, his arms crossed over his strong chest as he radiated power and pride, whilst Angel stood with her hands splayed above her head, the glimmering red cords attached to each finger circling the Doctor, holding him fast.

“Quite a bit of excitement, wouldn’t you say?” Saxon obviously excelled at friendly, empty chatter. “But don’t let that put you off. There will always be dissenters and detractors. It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t move forward with our hard work, with our vision for the future. We’ll show the doubters like this Doctor a better world. And you see, the heroes believe in that better world, too. They’ve joined me and my cause. You want to, too. The election is not far off. Vote Saxon!”

The Doctor’s eyes were on one person in the crowd, and when she joined the cheering, he hung his head.

After a full minute of ovation, Saxon held his hands up to ask for quiet, and it took fifteen more seconds for the noise to die down enough for him to speak. “I want to build up a strong, modern, cosmopolitan London, and you want to help me do it by making me mayor, but we still have a long way to go and lots of hard to work to do. The first thing we need to do is win this election, and you can help. Spread the word. Talk to your friends and family. Tell them my message. If they have any doubts, tell them to come to me. My door is always open, and will be always open when I’m your mayor. From now until election day, I am speaking publicly every day, all across our great city, so spread the word. We can do this! We can turn this system around and -”

Saxon broke off as the platform under his feet shuddered. He glanced around uncertainly, at his fiancée and his campaign workers with him on the stage, but they were as confused as he was. Shrugging, he turned back to the microphone when the stage wobbled again, this time much harder. He paused to let it subside, but it continued to shake. “Earthquake?” he squeaked.

“No,” the Doctor murmured, softly but clearly. “Resonance.” The scaffolding pole behind him, to which Crimson Angel had him bound and around which his hands were clasped, was flexing visibly, its movements spreading to the rest of the structure. As the front of the platform began coming apart, the audience scattered with panicked screams and Saxon’s primes flew up to grab the humans on the stage, Angel snagging the mayoral candidate while Falcon caught Lucy and the two campaign workers before they could fall. Ms. Jones, the campaign manager, and three other people who hadn’t yet come out onto the platform, fled down the backstage ramp. Freed when Crimson Angel had let her ropes dissipate, the Doctor called to Donna, who was frozen, watching with her hands over her mouth. “Donna! Run, now!” However, he stayed in place, feeding the acoustic resonance until the pole he was holding buckled and the front of the platform finally collapsed, the electrical equipment crashing to the ground. With a pleased smirk, he bounded toward the smashed machines to verify that the amplifier device had been destroyed.

“Stop him!” ordered Saxon, but neither of the primes were in a position to do anything, with their hands full with the people they’d rescued from the collapsing platform. Saxon twisted in Angel’s hands toward Falcon. “Lucy!” he cried.

Clinging to Silver Falcon’s back, Saxon’s fiancée lifted a leisurely palm, pointing at a spot in front of the sprinting Doctor and, diving on instinct, he tumbled beneath an inky black patch of darkness that appeared in his path. As quickly as it appeared, it blinked out of existence with a loud fwop! Hopping up, he leapt forward and skidded to a stop as another blossomed between him and the broken machinery. Every nerve screeching Danger! the Doctor backed away from it as with another fwop, it disappeared. He’d no idea what it was, but it felt just like that tiny piece of Blue Rain that had pierced his senses earlier, except rawer, more primal.

“Yes,” Saxon hissed as Crimson Angel lowered him to the ground. “You know better than to get close to that. Let me show you what it can do. Lucy?” he called to the woman as she hopped down to the ground. She pointed at one of the twisted metal pipes littering the area in which the scaffolding formerly stood and a black patch enveloped it a few centimetres of it then disappeared - fwop! - leaving a gap between two sheared ends of metal. One of the pieces, no longer part of the larger piece with nothing to hold it up, clanged to the ground.

“A portal,” the Doctor breathed, taking another involuntary step back.

“Yes.” Saxon’s smile was predatory. “Can you imagine what would happen if she placed one inside of you? I think you can. So I advise against moving from that spot.” The two campaign workers scampered off as Silver Falcon let them down, then the prime strode up to stand behind Saxon. The candidate held his hands up to signal his followers to stand down.

“Your plan isn’t going to work, Saxon!” the Doctor snarled, his fists clenched at his sides.

“Such hostility! What have I done to engender your anger?” he asked with hurt innocence.

“I understand what you are, what you can do, and what you’re doing here, with this election. I’m not going to let you succeed.” Keeping his eyes fixed on Saxon, the Doctor listened to the situation in the square, noting that a good portion of the crowd had disappeared; in the two years since people had started to develop powers, most normal humans had learned that sticking around to watch a fight between primes was dangerous and too often fatal. Donna, however, was still there watching, though whether she was watching himself or Saxon, he couldn’t tell.

“Oh? And what is it you think I’m doing?” Saxon was an expert at pretended surprise.

The Doctor knew that Saxon was simply playing with him, using him to paint himself as the public servant with insane enemies, but he wanted to keep his attention on himself; better that than coercing more unsuspecting citizens. And with enough time, he’d think of something to get himself out of this situation. Maybe. “I know you’re a prime and that your power is to make people do things, to make them change their minds and want what you want. You’re using it to force them to elect you as mayor.”

“Ah. I see.” Saxon glanced at his nearby supporters with a look that encouraged them to tolerate the rantings of this madman just a little bit longer. “That’s quite a tale, and I can assure you It’s all fiction, but if I were doing something like that, that’s wrong, is it?”

“You know it is,” the Doctor snarled through clenched teeth.

“Really? Is there a law against this…” Saxon waved his hand, trying to come up with the right phrase. “...this changing of people’s minds?”

The Doctor swallowed before replying. “An act doesn’t need to be illegal to be wrong.”

Saxon continued to play the crowd. “But how exactly is it wrong? I am giving people what they want.”

“No, you’re making people want what you’re giving them. Big difference.” As the Doctor spoke, he cringed inwardly. Saxon was a highly skilled spin doctor.

“Is there? Either way, they’re getting what they want and they’ll be happy.” Saxon stepped forward to emphasise his point. “How is that wrong? How is that different from changing their minds through persuasion and rhetoric?”

“It’s wrong because you’re forcing them to think that way.” He tried to force the direction of the debate, away from ethics and toward action. “I’m not going to let that happen. I’m going to stop you.”

“And that gives you the right to make that decision, that I must be stopped? All of these people around you want me as their mayor, to lead London into a glorious new age.” Saxon turned to the people arrayed in the audience. “Don’t you now? You want that. You want me as your new mayor, and maybe in the future, your Prime Minister. Show this man that that’s what you want!” As Saxon stepped back toward the wreck of the platform with a theatrical whirl, the roar from the thinned crowd was impressive, but nothing stabbed the Doctor in the heart more than seeing Donna cheering along with them.

Saxon raised both hands to call for silence. “How can you argue against the will of the people? This is democracy in action.”

“This is simply your will imposed upon others. Before the Blue Rain, you were nobody, and not single person here would know your name without it.” The Doctor indicated the crowd with a wave of his hand. “This is not democracy. This is enslavement. All you’re doing is extending your influence, to bring the city under your thumb. But I will stop you. That is all I want, and you can’t change that.”

Saxon shook his head with a quiet laugh. “Oh, no. No, no, no. That’s not what you want. You see, I’ve studied what people want. My area of expertise, you might say. And at their core, nobody wants things that don’t benefit themselves. Not a single person, ever, and certainly not you. Stopping me is not what you want. That’s not what you really want. What you really want…” With a sly smile, he announced, “I know what you want.”

Saxon turned and shot a winning smile at Donna. “Ms. Noble, won’t you come up here and join me? I know you would love to come up here and endorse your chosen mayoral candidate, wouldn’t you?”

Donna smothered her astonishment with a hand over her mouth. She’d never been asked to publicly support such a famous and powerful person. Of course, I’d love to do that! Throwing a proud but embarrassed grin at the Doctor, she scrunched her shoulders like a schoolgirl and, pushing through the crowd, trotted to the destroyed platform’s edge amidst cheers of encouragement. She walked right up to Saxon, who threw a friendly arm around her.

“Don’t you dare hurt her!” the Doctor cried.

Saxon stared back at him, gaping at him in exaggerated disbelief. “You’re such a clever man, and yet you really don’t understand, do you?” Turning to Donna, he squeezed her and asked, “You believe in me, don’t you? Don’t you think I’ll make a wonderful mayor? Tell the truth: you want me to lead the city, don’t you?”

“Absolutely!” she beamed. The Doctor managed to squeeze his eyes shut and turn away in time to avoid seeing her lean into Saxon and peck him on the cheek, but sounds of the movement and Donna’s excitement filled his ears.

“Do you see?” With a complacent smile, Saxon kept his arm around her, letting it drop to her waist. “She supports me. She believes in me. I wouldn’t hurt her. I don’t hurt my supporters.” Fixing his stare on the Doctor, Saxon turned grim, sneering, “I only hurt those who oppose me.”

“Let her go!” cried the Doctor. “Do what you want with me, just leave her out of it.”

“Oh, I think she’ll walk away of her accord.” He turned to Donna again. “This Doctor here, you know who he is, don’t you? Your good friend. I’m sure he’s trusted you with his identity, hasn’t he?”

As the Doctor jerked back at the veiled threat, Donna frowned. It was the one point of contention between them, the one thing she’d been dying to know, but she didn’t truly need to know. She trusted the Doctor and she would back him up every time. “Er, no, I don’t know who he is. Doesn’t matter, though. I’d trust him to the ends of the earth.”

Saxon stared at her with theatrical surprise. “Would you, really? After he’s deceived you all this time? Fed you some story about needing to keep his prime life separate from his real life, I’m sure, or maybe even that he doesn’t want the fame. But if he’s hiding who he is, what else is he hiding?”

“He’s not hiding anything! He’s a good bloke!” Donna protested, but the Doctor could see a spark of doubt in her eyes as she gazed at him and his heart sank deep into his stomach.

“Oh, but he is hiding. That’s what masks are for. Has he been lying to you all this time? Do you really know him at all? Or...” he drawled as he leaned in close and murmured in her ear. “Shouldn’t he have simply trusted you, that you’d protect his secret?”

“Stop. Please stop,” the Doctor called weakly.

“No,” stated Donna with as much firmness as she could muster. “He has his reasons and I respect that.”

“Why? He obviously doesn’t respect you in return.” The corner of Saxon’s mouth quirked when he saw Donna’s shoulders fall slightly as she stared at the man standing in front of them. Her resolve had weakened just enough. Slipping an arm around her waist to guide her forward another step, he grinned at her like a game-show host. “Well, Ms. Noble, let me reward you for being such a staunch supporter of the Saxon mayoral campaign.” He snapped his fingers to summon his fiancée forward. “Lucy? Break his mask.”

“No!” cried the Doctor as the woman shot her open palms out at him five times in rapid succession. Five black voids about the size of marbles appeared, one right between the lenses of the Doctor’s mask and four along the top edge of the hanging mesh veil. As the fwops of the collapsing mini-portals popped around him, the Doctor grabbed desperately to hold the mask in place, but he was too late: the tension of the skullcap ripped the broken pieces from his face, leaving it free and clear for everyone to see. But everyone didn’t matter to him, just the woman in Saxon’s arms, and as his hands fell to his sides, he stared at her like it was the last time he would ever see her again.

“Jon?” Donna murmured, her voice weak. “It’s you? You’re the Doctor?” Behind her, Silver Falcon burst into amazed laughter, stumbling away to stifle it.

“Ah!” cried Saxon triumphantly. “So you do know each other!”

Ignoring him, Donna threw off his arm and strode up to her friend. “Why didn’t you tell me, you giant prawn? All this time, you were right there and I never knew.”

His secret out, Jon didn’t bother to modulate his voice, speaking in his hesitant tenor rather than the Doctor’s smooth baritone. “Because… because… I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.” Unhooking the strap of his mask from under his chin, he pulled off the tattered remnants and toyed with them, his head bowed.

“What do you mean, you couldn’t? Why not?” she demanded, her fists clenched at her sides.

He couldn’t look at her. “Donna, Donna, I, I, I… I didn’t want to hurt you. I’m sorry.”

Donna just stared agape.

“Well…” Saxon came up behind her and patted her consolingly on the shoulder. “Wasn’t that just a touching reunion? So, Donna, how do you feel about him now?” Jon’s head whipped up and he met Donna’s shattered gaze. He clenched the mask in his fist as he trembled. “Look at him. He deceived you all this time -”

“I didn’t...” Jon mumbled. “I didn’t mean to.”

“Shush now. We’re talking,” Saxon chided him gently. “You see now, Donna, don’t you? He hid behind a mask, made you think he was someone else, made you think he was a hero, when all the time he was this quaking, pathetic excuse for a man. How could you love someone like that? How could anyone love someone like that? You don't want to love him. You don't even want to like him, do you?” He leaned close to her and whispered slowly and clearly. “You want to hate him.

Donna’s eyes, which were shimmering with tears, hardened. Straightening, she held her head high as she spun on her heel and slowly strode back to stand next to Lucy, but when she turned back to face the audience, her bright smile was all for the man running for mayor of London. “Mr. Saxon,” she announced, “you have a campaign to run, for the benefit of our great city.” She raised her voice. “Come on! Let’s hear it for Harold Saxon!” she cried as she raised her hands high to lead the applause. As the crowd roared, she looked out over them, and her eyes slipped over Jon as if the spot he was standing in was empty. With all hope gone, Jon closed his eyes and tried to fight the despair that was wringing his heart.

Saxon waved at his loyal supporters, beaming with pride, but as soon as the cheering died down, he favoured Jon with a friendly smile and spoke. “You see, Jon, I only hurt those who oppose me.”

“I’ll stop you. I swear I will.” Jon hissed. “I no longer have anything to lose.”

“You go on.” He waved a hand to indicate Donna. “Because I can do this again, if you like. Or my loyal followers will step up for me. Some of them would like another crack at you.” He leaned forward to murmur softly to Jon. “Join me. Come on. Wouldn’t it just be so much easier? Because I am inevitable. Slowly but surely, I will bring this city, then this country, then this world to its knees, because eventually everyone will want me to lead this world. And those who don’t? Well, they just won’t be relevant anymore.”

At Jon’s adamant silence, Saxon shrugged with the air of a man who has tried everything to be reasonable. “Suit yourself. I’ve an election to win.” He stepped back and beckoned Donna forward. “Please come over here, Ms. Noble, my new campaign advisor and spokesperson. Won’t you tell all of us gathered here today what you’re hoping for, for the future of London?”

“Of course!” Clearing her throat, she hooked arms with her candidate and presented him to the crowd. “When I think about the future of this city, I want it to be great and prosperous. I mean, I’d like it to be glamourous, too, and I hope Eastenders will never end, but first, I’m seeing all races and creeds living together, and all of their children fed and educated. But that’s going to take a lot of work, to pull together this fractured city. To do all that, we need a leader who will guide us with a strong vision and a firm hand, and…”

Donna turned to Saxon and, in one smooth motion, brought her hand up and blasted him in his smiling face with a visible spray of liquid. As he screamed and clawed at his eyes, she cried over him, “that leader is not this man!” Snatching her arm away from him, she marched to the foot of the crowd and yelled, “Harold Saxon is a fraud. He is a prime with the power to bend your minds, to make you think you want something you don’t, and he’s making you think you want him to be mayor. But you really don’t, you really, really don’t, and you can resist him. All you have to do is think.” She pointed at her temple, her hand quivering. “Think about what you really want for this city and who best represents that. It isn’t him, because he hasn’t said a word about what he’ll actually do as mayor and he truly hasn’t a clue. He just wants the power.”

She stepped forward to the edge of the crowd and beckoned them to action. “Come on, people, think! Maybe it’s Johnson, or maybe it’s Livingstone. Or maybe you don’t know who, but you favour the Lib Dems. Or maybe whoever’s running UKIP this time, ‘cause who are they anyway? But you don’t want Saxon, I guarantee that. Figure out who has the platform and the policies that’s best for you and fix that in your mind, because if you do your research and you know who you want,” and she jabbed a finger at the cringing man, “he won’t be able to sway your sympathies and you’ll be out of his thrall. Go!” she yelled at the crowd, who were eyeing her hesitantly. “Go on! Go home, do your homework, and stand by your candidate! Come on, shift!”

As the muttering mob started to disperse, Donna risked a glance at Jon and found him beaming at her with a mixture of relief and pride. She dangled a small canister between her thumb and index finger. “You told me to get pepper spray,” she grinned. The groaning behind her attracted both of their attentions, and upon seeing Saxon attempting to climb to his feet, Jon bounded forward and tackled him.

“You… will… never… touch… Donna… again!” he snarled, punctuating each word with a punch to Saxon’s face as he sat on him to keep him pinned. “You hear me?”

“Jon!” Donna shrieked. “Don’t!”

Jon stopped, shaking with anger, and Saxon, though his eyes were clamped shut and streaming with tears due to the chemical in them, grinned defiantly at him. “Oh, you can’t stop me.” Then he laughed, mocking the infuriated unmasked prime. “I’ll come back. It might take me a while, but I am inevitable.”

With a quick, rough hand, Jon jammed Saxon’s jaw up, holding it so that the man couldn’t speak anymore. “You are not inevitable,” he hissed in his ear. “You are weak and warped, and this is the end of the line for you. Did you know, I can shatter your skull, just like this, just by touching you? Here, I’ll show you.”


Donna caught his attention with the quiet murmur of his name, and he turned to glare at her, the anger burning in his eyes.

“You can stop now.”

Jon’s expression softened, the fury replaced by shock, and he stared down at his hand on Saxon’s jaw like it had suddenly turned into the claw of some monster. Shame and uncertainty flooded his throat, threatening to choke him and, swallowing it down, he pulled the remnants of his mask out of his pocket and stuffed them into the man’s mouth then wound the chin strap around his head, securing it tightly behind his ear.. Hopping off him, he pulled him none too gently to his feet and pinned his arms behind him. “Find me some handcuffs or cables to bind him,” he called to the person standing nearest to Donna.

Stunned by her fiancé standing gagged and immobilised in front her, Lucy stared at Jon wide-eyed, then began to back away. “Stay away from me! You, you monster! Let him go!”

“Lucy…” Donna began, stepping forward to attempt to calm her, but Lucy raised both hands, palms pointed at Donna and Jon. Donna froze, raising both hands in front of her in a gesture of surrender. Saxon smirked through his gag.

“Let him go!” Lucy shrieked. “I can kill you both, you know. One portal each, right in the center of the brain. I can put these wherever I want, but if I get it wrong, oopsie-daisy! Let’s try again, shall we?” She eyed Jon, a deranged sneer twisting her face. Saxon nodded his encouragement.

“No, Lucy.” Donna’s low voice was calm and rational. “You’re not angry at us. You’re angry at him -” and she jerked her head at Saxon, “- for playing with your head. You don’t know what you’re feeling and you’re hurting. We know that and we’re trying to help you. Please, let us help.”

Lucy’s eyes slid from Jon to Saxon and, without lowering her threatening hands, she slowly stepped to her fiancé. Leaning in close to touch foreheads, she whispered, “I love you, Harry,” then screamed, “I hope you die!” and slugged him in the stomach.

“Oog!” Saxon doubled over and Jon barely managed to keep him on his feet.

“Lucy!” cried Donna.

A hateful scowl on her face, Lucy backed away and looked up at the cables hanging from the listing poles above and raised her hands. With twin fwop!s, a length of cable fell at Jon’s feet.

“Thank you, Lucy.” Snagging it, he bound Saxon’s hands together tight behind his back.

Lucy stood staring at Saxon, her eyes burning with loathing. “You ought to know,” she mumbled, “that machine. You know what it is. It’s not for him. It’s for me. He wanted me to open bigger portals, so he could go through them.” As Jon frowned at her, she turned to him and held his gaze. “I know you can feel the rock, that tiny bit of Blue Rain we have, trying to change you again. He wanted to go to the source, to get more power and more abilities. That’s all he wants. To rule the world.” She stepped around Saxon to lean in close to the man holding him prisoner. “You’ve got to destroy it all. I’m sure he’s not the only person who’s had this idea.” Lucy leaned in close and, pulling Jon roughly to her, kissed him full on the lips. Then, leaving him stunned, she walked off without another word, losing herself in the dispersing crowd.

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