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Funko mob

I brought my Funko Pops into work yesterday, and now I have a mob on my desk. I had only a few of them here originally, but I got the newer ones over the past few weeks.

The first thing I've learned here is that my camera phone sucks. But here are the pics anyway.

Here's the main group. In case it's not clear who everyone is, here they are:

  • Back row: Regenerated Tenth Doctor, Fourth Doctor, Twelve Doctor, Severus Snape
  • Middle row: Tenth Doctor, Mr. Clever, Eleventh Doctor, Sarah Jane
  • Front row: Tenth Doctor with hand, War Doctor

The Ninth Doctor is missing because my husband refuses to let go of him. Sarah Jane has such small feet that she isn't stable, so she came with a clear stand. I do have the Tenth Doctor in his orange spacesuit, but he's at home somewhere.

There are a number of variants that I don't own and don't intend to get (such Ten with 3-D glasses [I hate the 3-D glasses], most of Eleven's variants, and Twelve with shades and guitar), but I do want to get Eleven with his fez and mop. I also plan to get Rose and River; I originally didn't because I'm not fond of either character, but then I decided I'd like as many of them as I can get. Still have fingers crossed for Martha, Donna, Amy, and Rory.

Oh, I also have K-9, but I think my husband refuses to let go of him, too. The TARDIS in the back is the Flight Control TARDIS - the one that spins, lights up, and makes sounds. I do have the Funko Pop TARDIS, but that's not nearly as cool.

And then, here are the other three figs that sit in front of my monitor. They are:

  • Modded Eleventh Doctor - added vest and painted for s7.
  • Modded Tenth Doctor - brown suit and cream sneakers
  • Captain Jack Harkness

(I've posted the mods before, back when I made them.)

My husband wondered why I had this grouping here, other than to fulfill my slash fantasies, and it's mostly because I wanted my mods to be right there, and Jack is adorable. So, he said I should do a 50th scene, so that's how the next image came about. He added the photobomb.

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