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Mistaken Identity, chapter 4

Title: Mistaken Identity, chapter 4
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Genre: Sci-fi, fantasy, adventure
Word Count: 1687

Summary: Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover: The Tenth Doctor and Donna fly through a crack in the walls of the universe and land in a world where humans can perform magic. Getting mixed up in the cold war between the Death Eaters, the Ministry of Magic, and the Order of the Phoenix, all sides want the Doctor dead!

Donna and the Doctor stepped out of the theater, arm-in-arm. While she was far more used to grabbing a film with her mates, the Doctor insisted on introducing her to some “culture” and they found a small theater group’s offering of The Miracle Worker. Though the some of the talent was a bit raw, the experience left her exhilarated, and the couple fairly skipped along as they enjoyed the warm August evening.

“See, Donna? Live performances are the best! Seeing the action right there, right in front of you. Better than the cinema any day!”

“That was wizard! I had no idea a live performance could be so stunning!”

“It’s better in a small theater, too. Very intimate. Though, I bet you’d love a grand old musical. We should look for a showing of Les Miserables.”

What he couldn’t show Donna directly, the Doctor loved telling her about, and as they turned onto a street lined with quiet, dark houses, he regaled her with the story of a performance of that play he had attended in 3154, by a Crespallion traveling troupe. He admitted it had been difficult to picture the bright blue aliens in revolutionary France.

“Though that wasn’t as nearly as hard to swallow as their singing! Crespallions all sing soprano, even the males. It was like high theater by dogs!” He cut his laugh off as two men jumped up from behind a wall, each leveling some type of weapon at them. He yelled “Donna!” as he pushed her sideways, knocking her off her feet.

Stupefy!” both men shouted, and red rays erupted from their weapons, one of which hit the Doctor in the shoulder. Dazed, he stumbled, then shook his head to clear it. Looking up, the two men had leapt the wall and were advancing, though they were clearly surprised that he was still moving.

“Crouch, give it up. You can’t fight both of us,” the older of the two men taunted. “Stupefy!” The Doctor had anticipated another attack and dodged out of the way of another red jet. He couldn’t afford to get dazed again for even a second.

“Donna, run!” He took off to his right, hoping that Donna would choose to go left across the street. The men were concentrating on him, so this would give her a chance to escape.

“That didn’t work before, Nott,” the younger man stated. ”Let’s try some pain.” His eyes lit up with cruelty. “Incendio!” Flames burst from his weapon, and his target barely ducked in time, rolling behind a car.

The Doctor stuck his head up to get a handle on the situation. Donna had fled into the yard of one of the houses and was about to vault over a low wall into the next. The two men still stood together, next to a car across the narrow street, craning to see what effect the flame had had. He could see that the weapons they were carrying were simple wood sticks. Wands? Spell words? Carrionites, maybe? Nah. Never seen a male Carrionite. Is this actual magic? He couldn’t be sure, but he wasn’t taking chances. Pulling out his sonic screwdriver, he aimed it at the car next to them and activated its horn.

Both men jumped and rounded on the source of the sudden, blaring noise, screaming more unfamiliar words. The car exploded into flame, knocking the men back. The Doctor saw little of this, as he had taken the opportunity he had created to run.

“Come back here, Crouch, you coward,” yelled Nott as he and his companion jumped up. “Impedimenta!” A green ray erupted from Nott’s wand, hitting the Doctor in the back. In mid-run, he froze and collapsed to the ground.

“Got him, Avery!” Nott pumped the air with his fist. “Come on!”

“Oi! Wand boy!” A football sailed in and beaned Avery on the back of the head. They turned to see the red-haired woman sprinting away, across a yard.

“Forget her,” Nott growled. “It’s Crouch we want. We’ll come back for her later.”

“Oh, I will. I bet she screams real nice.” Avery tore his eyes from her.

The Doctor lay immobile on the sidewalk for a few seconds, but he could feel the paralysis ebbing. It was obviously a short-term effect, and he silently thanked Donna for the distraction. As soon as he had any control back in his arms and legs, he rolled to the side and scrambled to his feet, crouching behind a wall. Nott and Avery were running towards him, up the street. Donna, he hoped, was still running as far as she could to get away.

Nott and Avery dodged in front of a parked car, and the Doctor took his shot with the screwdriver. Startled by the car’s horn again, the two men were also blinded by the headlights and could no longer see their quarry in the dark. Chased by frustrated yells, the Doctor sprinted up the street a ways and ducked between two houses, to be brought up short by the tall gate that prevented access to the home’s backyard. He pressed himself into a corner and tried to quiet his breathing.

“He can’t have gotten far.” The voice sounded like Avery’s, but another voice cut across his, proud and commanding.

“What are you two doing here? Begone before I tell the Dark Lord about your treachery!”

The Doctor peeked out of his hiding place. Nott and Avery were nowhere to be seen, but in their place, a man with long, pale hair, dressed in formal black robes and carrying himself with the condescending air of a prince was standing in the street. This one would be quite at home in the High Council on Gallifrey. Just needs a funny hat, the Doctor thought. Next to him, a shorter man with the nervous tics of a rodent spun around in jerks, searching in all directions.

“He must still be near,” the smaller man whined in a nasal voice.

The pale man pulled a wand out of his walking stick and intoned, “Homenum revelio.” He looked all around. “Ah, there, easy enough. Hiding there.” He pointed a couple of houses down to his left, behind a wall. “Go to it, Wormtail.”

Wormtail shuffled off, giggling, and, approaching the wall, reached behind it and pulled up Donna by her arm.

“Get your hands off me!” She slapped him with her other hand, but he held on and dragged her towards the other man.

“She’s not who we want, Malfoy.”

“She’s good enough. We can use her as bait. Or the Dark Lord will just dispose of her.”

“Let me go!” She kicked at Lucius.

“No, wait!” The Doctor emerged from the darkness. “It’s me you want. Let her go, and I’ll come with you. No tricks.”

“No, Doctor!” Donna started to protest, but he shot her a look and she immediately silenced.

“Finally, some sense.” Malfoy leveled his wand at the Doctor. “Let go of her, Wormtail.”

As soon as Wormtail relaxed his hold, Donna drew back to hit him.

“Donna.” The Doctor’s voice halted her, and she stepped back and straightened her jacket, staring pointedly at the man called Wormtail. “Go back to the TARDIS. I’ll join you there.”

Wormtail snorted. “No, he won’t.”

Donna nodded. Malfoy stepped up to the Doctor and grabbed his arm roughly. He spun his body slightly, and the two vanished.

“Doctor!” Donna screamed, fists clenched.

Wormtail laughed again, spun in a similar way, and vanished as well.

Donna glanced about wildly, searching for the Doctor, unable to believe that all these men disappeared right before her eyes, but there was nothing she could do. She took one, two steps in the direction of the TARDIS, then the overwhelming desire for safety forced her into a run. She wasn’t quite sure what had happened. Men, wearing robes, or cloaks, or whatever they were, with magic wands and casting spells, and disappearing into thin air? Isn’t this London? There’s no such thing as magic.

Well, the Doctor always said that there are types of technology that look like magic. Does this London have that kind of odd technology? There was no evidence of it before. And what did they want with her and the Doctor? That Avery guy said he was coming back for her. She had to get back to the TARDIS. Maybe there, she could figure out what to do.

Her thoughts were interrupted by two men who stepped out into the road in front of her, and she was brought up short. One was a tall but stocky man with short, gray hair, in what she assumed were practical robes. Despite looking formidable, he was unremarkable next to his companion, an older man with a heavily scarred face and a wooden leg. He was dressed like a old-time mercenary: long heavy leather coat, utilitarian clothes, heavy boots, and a bandolier over his chest. Even in the darkness, she could tell he had an artificial eye, and she could have sworn it was moving independently of the real eye. Both men held wands in their hands.

The stocky man stepped forward. “Come with us, miss. We’re to make sure you’re safe.” He beckoned her with a hand.

“You have got to be kidding me! Who’re you, then? Don’t look like police.” Stepping back, she kept her eyes on both of them as she tried to edge around a car.

“Aurors, miss. That man you were with, he’s dangerous, a wanted criminal. We’ll make sure he doesn’t hurt you.” He started walking towards her, stuffing his wand in his pocket to show that he wasn’t threatening her.

“You’re barmy! I been with the Doctor for months and he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Get away from me!” The last part she yelled as the man neared her, and she took off.

The scarred man rolled his eyes. “Stupefy!” A red jet erupted from his wand, and Donna crumpled to the ground.

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