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I have finally started posting the story I've been working on for the past two months! It's called Blue Rain and I have the first four chapters up here so far. It feels good to finally finish the thing. It still needs rereading and editing in places, and I found a section that I marked with "expand this" that I need to work, but if I don't, it still works just fine. (I also found a section with a comment that I have no idea what I meant when I wrote it. I hate it when I leave myself incomprehensible notes.) However, I am looking forward to finally getting the chance to work on the other one-shots that have been sitting around for so long, crying out for attention.

I'm especially pleased because the story took me into genres that I normally don't write in - namely, superheroes and relationships. I think I did the first one well enough, but the second one, well... Let's just say that I really have no idea what romance is like in real life or what people actually want to read (I do know that they are not necessarily one and the same), so I wrote what I wrote and I hope it makes sense.

As part of my "research" for this story, I read Brandon Sanderson's "The Reckoners" series, and OMG I loved it. So that's another new thing for me - for once, I want to write fanfic for something other than Doctor Who. Not a whole bunch, but I do have two story ideas running around in my head that I hope to get to soon, though they'll require a re-read of at least the first two books. The hardest part of writing for that universe is coming up with metaphors for David...

I did realize today that Blue Rain is rather unusual in that it's a superhero story that's not told from the point of view of the main hero. I've been trying to think of any superhero story - either comic book or movie - in which the story is actually focused on someone other than the superhero and I haven't come up with one. Maybe it's because the story is supposed to be a romance and not an adventure (though it ended up being an adventure and not a romance) that it came out that way.

Anyway, yesterday I finished the first draft of the final chapter (which had been torturing me for the past week - it's kinda weak) and I'm feeling pretty good. Yay for writing!
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