shivver13 (shivver13) wrote,

That's the way the weekend goes...

So, we were supposed to celebrate our DW anniversary this weekend with six hours of DW episodes interspersed with other things we had to do - parade/concert Saturday morning, and going to our favorite restaurant (which is an hour away) Saturday night. Six hours isn't much of a difficulty with a mostly free weekend. Then our company declared a party-at-the-local-bar-arcade on Sunday, so most of that afternoon is gone. Then when I got home from the parade, we cuddled up in bed and chatted and napped for hours - something we haven't done in a long time. I really don't think we'll get those six hours done today...

And then of course, there's the dw_guestfest Minor Character Ficathon... which I missed today's posting for because the fic is just not finished. I got an extension until later in the week... and then hurt my finger so now I'm typing at about 1/3 speed. We'll see how this goes. My poor minor character might be stuck in that dark tunnel for a lot longer than I had intended.
Tags: real life

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