shivver13 (shivver13) wrote,

End of Camp

Well, today's the last day of July, which means it's the end of Camp Nanowrimo. I completed my extended goal (30k instead of 20k) back on the 21st, and if I had waited until now to claim, it would have been over 40k. Still not enough to be able to have won real NaNoWriMo, even with a story that I'm excited about, but double my original goal. Not bad. :)

The first draft of the story is nearly done. I still have one major scene to write, as well as the final chapter, and then it'll be time to edit and beef up all the parts that I rushed through (which is a lot). However, I've got my dw_guestfest story to write, and I came up with a good idea for it, so that'll be my focus this week. I'm hoping a little break from big story will spark some cool ideas.
Tags: real life

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