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Camp Nano's still going well. I extended my wordcount target to 30,000, and I'm standing at just shy of 25,000 at the (almost-)halfway point. The story is more or less writing itself. No, that's not quite true. There are a number of scenes I'm dreading because they are going to be a nightmare to figure out, but I'm leaving them for last. I'm still well within the already-plotted, easily written part of the story. :)

The one thing that's bothering me is that I'm having problems writing one of the characters in-character. All right, it's Donna. I just can't hear her in my head. So right now, I'm just writing her lines very blandly, and then I will go watch Series 4 again and go back and edit her. I know what she would say in the situations I'm putting her in; I just can't hear how she would say it.

I'm sure most of you have heard about the huge waves that Pokemon Go has made over the past week, as hordes of gamer geeks wander the streets with their mobiles hunting Pokemon. I've been playing it a bit - I haven't yet walked out of my door with the express purpose of looking for Pokemon, but I keep the game going while I'm walking somewhere and stop to check it if it indicates there's one nearby. On the way to work, while I'm driving, my husband snags Pokemon that we drive by. (He's hilarious, by the way, screaming at the phone, "DOWN-B! DOWN-B!" In case you don't know, back when Pokemon was the big thing in 1999 or so, the rumor was that your chances of catching a Pokemon was increased if you held down the down-arrow on the d-pad and the B button.)

You might also know that I used to work at a company that makes Facebook and mobile games, but I left for my current job about three months ago, and then the company closed down our remote studio, laying off everyone. (Who, by the way, have all gotten new jobs now! We all landed on our feet.) Almost all of the people who used to work at the company play Pokemon Go, except for three people, one of which definitely doesn't play and the other two probably play but I haven't heard definitively yes or no.

Well, yesterday, Mr. Doesn't Play PGo posted the following status on Facebook: "The Zombies that are on their way have zero to worry about..never before have I seen more folks being engaged in drek..literally...folks walking around.. heads down... spending time on things that matter not.. I need to shut up and develop a "street sweeping" app .. or a "mow yer neighbors lawn" game.. "Take out the garbage and be awarded with a cute Kitty picture... or if yer lucky you could be awarded with a spooky "Crab Monster" that has many upgradable powers of ultimate awesomeness".. Anyone want to invest???"

I usually don't care one way or the other about what people post on FB, but frankly, this was really insulting, being told I'm "engaging in drek" and spending my time on "things that matter not". My first reaction was, "Who gave you the right to decide if something matters to me or not?" Then I thought, "Wow, this is really rich coming from a person who spent the last four years making dresses for a Facebook game in which the main objective was buying clothes to put on their avatars. That's a hell of a long time to devote to something that 'matters not'." At what point is one game worth effort while another is not? Personally, I think that our fashion game is rates far higher on the "drek" scale, as it was completely single-player and there was no competition in it, no required thought that would make it qualify as a "real" game. All you did was click in the game, which rewarded you with coins, and you used those coins to buy dresses. At least with Pokemon Go, you can learn a lot: geometry and spatial reasoning through tracking down Pokemon with its "hot/cold" tracking style and logic and strategy through battling at gyms. And I'm not even mentioning the exercise from walking and the possibility of socializing with other players, something that was completely lacking in our dress-up game.

But really, the thing that amazed me was that he, in one swoop, insulted every single one of his former co-workers, who I thought he considered his friends. That's really the thing that floored me. The person he was closest to at work has been the most vocal on FB about playing the game on (she's always been a Pokemon fanatic), and I wonder what she thinks, having one of her best friends calling her mindless and useless. And honestly, the guy is (was?) one of the friendliest, most supportive people I've ever met - maybe that's why this has shocked me so much.

I did notice that though he's gotten a number of likes since yesterday, not a single one came from our former coworkers.

On my feed today, I saw that paynesgrey did a ship meme, and I read through it and was fascinated by her answers - it was very interesting. On my end, though, it drove home for me how little I really understand fandom. I don't ship, at all, and it almost makes me wonder if something is wrong with me. I watch shows and enjoy the romances in the stories (if there are any), but I don't think about them beyond that, and I certainly don't imagine characters who aren't paired in the show pairing up. As an example, it never occurred to me to consider the Doctor and Donna as a couple until I started seeing fanfic with that pairing. It's just a world of thought that I don't understand.

So, the ship meme isn't particular useful to me, but there were a few questions that made me think, so I've answered them here.

3. What’s your current OTP?

I don't have an OTP - to have an OTP, you have to ship, right? But I remember thinking about this in terms of, if I did ship, who would I ship? And my answer was Ten/Jack. Why? Well, because of all the people in the universe, Jack is the only person who might come close to understanding the Doctor, and the Doctor is the one person who can provide Jack some constancy in his immortal life, at least for a few years (yes, contrary to what we might think, the Doctor is not only not immortal, but also very young for a Time Lord). Yes, when I ship, I'm actually logical about it. Maybe that's why I don't get it.

Why Ten in specific? Because, dammit, the two of them together is simply hot. ;)

4. What’s your current NOTP?

Two of them. First, Hardy/Miller. Mr. Chibnall, please, please, please do not ruin Broadchurch and that beautiful uneasy friendship by having them have a romance in season 3! Second, River/Doctor. I've never felt that River deserved any love from the Doctor or that Alex Kingston and Matt Smith had any on-screen chemistry, and "The Husbands of River Song" destroyed any romance and plausibility in that relationship.

7. How do you feel about RPF?

The idea of taking real people and creating relationship stories about them is squicky to me. I still have problems dealing with the fact that I wrote an RPF about David Tennant, and it didn't have a relationship in it; putting him into a relationship, even the one he has in real life, is out of the question. It just feels highly disrespectful, and rather peeping-tom-ish to me.

28. Does shipping come easily to you?

Hahahaha! I just had to include this question. No. I don't get shipping at all. My one "ship" is logically chosen. Wth??

33. Name your favorite fanartist(s).

I will always take any chance I can to point people at JohannesVIII at deviantArt. Second choice: halorvic on Tumblr.

38. Do you like and use ship names?

Yes, when they are well-constructed, because they identify the ship well. I wish there was a ship name for Doctor/Donna, because I talk about the two characters a lot and I have to take special care to say/type "the Doctor and Donna" or "the Doctor/Donna pairing" to be clear whether I'm talking platonic or romantic.

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