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Mistaken Identity, chapter 2

Title: Mistaken Identity, chapter 2
Fandom(s): Doctor Who
Characters: Tenth Doctor, Donna Noble
Pairing(s): None
Rating: G
Genre: Sci-fi, fantasy, adventure
Word Count: 1059

Summary: Doctor Who/Harry Potter crossover: The Tenth Doctor and Donna fly through a crack in the walls of the universe and land in a world where humans can perform magic. Getting mixed up in the cold war between the Death Eaters, the Ministry of Magic, and the Order of the Phoenix, all sides want the Doctor dead!

Where there had been nothing a moment before, a man appeared on the path leading up to a ramshackle cabin tucked into a copse of dark trees. It could no longer be called a road, as weeds and grass had long broken the paving into gravel. Not far from the modern world of housing tracts and shopping malls, the small parcel of land had been somehow forgotten, passersby barely sparing it a look. The pale man with flaxen hair, dressed in luxurious black robes and carrying a polished walking stick with a gilt head, glanced around once, then approached the cabin door. Pulling his wand from its scabbard in the walking stick, he scratched the tip across the paneling, then knocked once with the butt end. The door immediately opened.

“Come in, come in,” wheezed the nervous, round face that appeared.

“Wormtail, is that Lucius?” a commanding voice issued from inside the cabin.

“It is, my lord,” Malfoy answered. He pushed the door open, knocking Wormtail backwards, and swept into the cabin. Approaching the man seated in the throne-like chair facing the fireplace, he knelt and bowed his head, then stood up and strode to the rough stone mantle, leaning against it.

Only a small select group of wizards had been summoned by Voldemort, the man lounging on the throne. Preferring to keep his servants on edge, he waited, silent and impassive, his red eyes flicking to each of them in turn until they started to fidget. An extremely large snake was coiled to his left, its head resting on the Dark Lord’s armrest. To Malfoy’s left, Nott, an older wizard, sat back in his chair, his long legs stretched out in front of him, crossed at the ankles. Severus Snape, the Potions master at Hogwarts, sat in his customary seat at the Dark Lord’s right hand, his attitude imposing, his lips pursed in perpetual distaste. Wormtail scampered across the room and squatted in front of the Dark Lord, cowering.

Presently, the Dark Lord nodded. “Everyone is here. Wormtail, why don’t you tell our friends what you happened to see today, in London?”

Wormtail flinched at the sound of his own name. His voice raspy, he barely whispered, “Barty Crouch.”

Voldemort’s voice cut across him. “Speak up!”

“Barty Crouch! I saw Barty Crouch!” he yelped as if he had been slapped. Snape raised an eyebrow but said nothing.

Nott leaned forward in his chair. “That old Ministry man? Thought he was dead. Need us to make him so?” His eyes gleamed with the thought of mayhem.

Voldemort dismissed the idea with a wave of his hand. “If it was so easy, I wouldn’t need you. Even Wormtail could handle such a simple task. No.” He kicked Wormtail, who cringed. “Again, Wormtail. Tell them exactly who you saw. Clearly, so everyone can hear.”

Wormtail cleared his throat and spoke as loud as he dared, which wasn’t very loud at all. “It was his son! Barty Crouch, Jr.”

Snape frowned. Malfoy opened his mouth to speak, but Voldemort cut him off. “He’s not finished. Tell them everything, Wormtail.” His tone was that of someone speaking to a stupid child.

“Yes, my lord,” Wormtail simpered. “He was in London. Dressed in Muggle clothes, and with a woman. Red-haired. I saw them touring the city, and followed them to a pub. After they left, I hastened to tell my master.”

Snape slowly turned to face Voldemort. He spoke slowly and distinctly. “This cannot be true. I saw the dementor deliver the Kiss to him myself, and watched as his body was taken from Hogwarts.”

“And yet, I cannot doubt the testimony of our faithful servant, can I, Wormtail?.” Voldemort’s voice was oily. “He knows Crouch, when he helped me free him from his father’s control. And he would not dare lie to me.” He glanced lazily at Wormtail, who flinched.

“No, my lord! I do not lie. I saw him! I am sure of it!” Wormtail whined.

“Perhaps you were the one who mistook what you saw, Severus.” Malfoy’s eyes gleamed with malice.

Snape ignored Malfoy’s accusation, did not even deign to turn in his direction. “It smells of trickery to me, my lord, though I do not know whose. Dumbledore has no plans involving Crouch.”

“And Dumbledore tells you everything.” Malfoy’s tone was scathing.

“Silence, Lucius.” The pale man half-stepped back at Voldemort’s command, but devious glee shone in his eyes.

“It is curious,” Voldemort continued. “Why would my most faithful servant not return to me? Why is he living as a Muggle?” He spat the last word out. “If it is not him, who is he? Who is behind it all? And what would be the point?”

“Imperiused. Or memory charmed,” Nott suggested.

“Still no point. If he survived, the Ministry wouldn’t wipe his memory and force him to live as a Muggle. He’d be sent back to Azkaban. Fudge has no imagination.”

Wormtail whimpered. “He seemed happy.”

“And you’re not, Wormtail? Would you prefer I put you out of your misery?” The question came out as a low hiss.

“No, master! I am happy! I live to serve you!” Wormtail squatted in a ball, head between his knees, gloved hands covering the exposed back of the neck.

“I am glad to hear that.” Voldemort stroked the snake’s head. “This is what I need you to do. Lucius, Wormtail, bring Crouch to me. Kill him only as a last resort. But be wary: he is far more powerful than you, and very clever. Nott, find what you can about his woman. If she is a witch, then we will deal with her family. If she is a Muggle, then, do what you like.” Nott smiled in anticipation.

“And Severus. It is hard to keep anything secret from Dumbledore. He’ll hear about this soon enough. Keep me apprised of what he’s doing.” The Dark Lord paused, pensive, then nodded. “Now, go!”

Lucius scowled as Wormtail stood and moved to his side. He swept out of the cabin, not caring if the mousy man followed or not. Nott followed on their heels. Snape lingered a moment, then stood and, nodding graciously to the Dark Lord, he too exited. He and Nott both vanished a moment after he stepped out of the door, as did Lucius and Wormtail after a low but heated discussion.

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